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  • www.tips-fb.com 5 Guide to a perfect marriage

    Thursday, December 10, 2015
    Let me write this down before I've forgot bout it, which I do a lot lately... can you believe I left my handbag yesterday in the motorcycle basket and just remember it when I already halfway to work and I need to turn back, because the bike was park in house compound and it super obvious and everyone can see my handbag. Luckily, I get back before somebody got any idea of stealing it.

    Back to topic. Honestly I think the key to perfect marriage hold in the hand of  a woman, the WIFE. Why I said that was, as long as she can KEEP her husband HAPPY, and do not think bout her pitiful emotion, the marriage would last for ever and ever and she just might won the best-est lady of the house.

    Some of the point might be worth remembering:

    1) NEVER EVER get mad at your husband, no matter what. He has the absolute right to be angry and all the argument, better keep your mouth shut and best to tolerate and just let him win.
    2) NEVER ASK for anything especially for a romantic kind of gesture, just pray hard that he would just remember to kiss you each morning before going to work.
    3) KEEP your thought to yourself, because once you materialized it, it did not matter and you will only sound ungrateful. Don't he love you enough already, why are you even complaining.. it doesn't make sense right
    4) LET HIM DO what he wish for, going against it will only bring another argument which he will not bother to admit any fault (and again the fault is on you), or even try to comfort your aching heart. You just make it worst for yourself
    5) Lastly and the most important part is, HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT. No matter what the argument. Just do yourself a favor and just agree with it. You could always suppress your anger and act if everything is normal. You do love him and you love your family right...

    Hahahaaa... but please this is only a guideline (please read it with sarcasm mode on)...

    The risk is yours to take.

    Happy Marriage!

    www.tips-fb.com Something from facebook

    Thursday, November 26, 2015
    People say a lot of things. Last time we said it among friends, now we share it on facebook. Usually I would try not to say or reply anything if the post only garner negativity or hatred, but seriously, we can turn into an ugly monster on the social network. It's like now we finally have the platform so that the bogeyman can come out from its hiding behind our darkest side.

    Well, one post has caught my eyes recently. Actually it is a posting about some drama going on TV3. I am never a big fan of drama anyway, I only followed the one which I seriously like and I do it via streaming. Now seem like I am getting less and lesser time to spent. The agony of being old, how time flies!!!

    Back to the facebook posting, it is a simple sentence" I tak suka kids/kanak2" lebih kurang lah ayat dia... well, a simple word and all the harsh comment keep pouring in condemning those who didn't fancy kids. Reading all the harsh comment (actually I find it interesting to read people comment while making none of my own), it did struck me, I never view myself belong to the category of people who like or fancy kid. Really, I am not lying. Actually, I seriously don't know how to comment/act when kids I don't know approach me and wanted to play or simply wanted my attention. I just smile and try hard to avoid that position. Is that make me a bad person? U tell me.. hahhaa...

    Anyway, I don't hate kids. I am a mother myself. It is easy to love kids when they are your own or related to you, but to just pick any random kids and throw them at me, I will just runaway (exception for the special kids which I found I could easily relate because of Hannah). And if the kids is sweet and well manner and cute, adorable, which everyone would love, I am no exception. :)

    So people, if you met a person who did not adore your kids, just let them be. You can't force people affection to your child. No one could ever adore and love your kids as much as you do!

    www.tips-fb.com Words

    Monday, November 23, 2015
    I am never good with words. I do have difficulty expressing myself. I am undeniably feel confuse all the time.

     I doubt u understand me. Nobody ever manage to understand me. Even I myself feel lost most of the time.

    My mission was and always be to make the people around me happy, but when you have try so HARD and people don't even realize that you are trying, it just break my heart. Really...

    These feeling I have been chasing away, are returning with a vengence. I dont know how long I could cope. Maybe... Just maybe one fine day I might cracked... And it would all be too late...

    Just maybe...