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    Monday, October 07, 2013

    Seminggu lagi, InshaAllah, dengan takdir Allah, mommy harap dapat menatap wajah anak mommy yang kedua. Anak mommy yang bakal di lahirkan istimewa. Mommy yakin, kehadiranmu akan membawa seribu kegembiraan dalam hidup mommy, daddy dan kakak Layka.

    Mommy sentiasa berdoa pada Allah, semoga anak mommy dilahirkan dalam keadaan sihat. Pasti hati mommy akan terguris, dan perit tatkala terpaksa menghadapi liku-liku perjalanan kehidupanmu yang berkemungkinan memerlukan pelbagai jenis rawatan, dan berkemungkinan masa kecilmu yang tidak lekang dari pemantauan mata-mata profesional dalam bidang perubatan.

    Anakku sayang, semoga Allah sentiasa melindungimu. Kami menanti hadirmu dengan tangan yang terbuka dan hati yang penuh rasa cinta. Hanya 1 minggu lagi.

    Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami nanti. Amin.

    www.tips-fb.com Update about my lovely baby

    Thursday, October 03, 2013

    Yesterday we went to IJN to see Dr Haifa to have Echo Fetal Heart Scan, to examine baby's heart condition, whether the baby would need immediate operation or could wait a little more. Alhamdulillah, the prognosis seem positive. The AVSD is categorized as moderate with measurement of 7-8mm and the valves are looking good. Anyway, it still depends on the symptom that baby may show after birth, whether she has difficulty in breathing and so on. InshaAllah, the best time to undergo such operation would be after the baby weight is more than 6kg.

    Dr Haifa assure me that I could delivered normally as the baby heart could stand the normal stress of delivery but that too is depend on the obstetrical condition/ complication.

    Honestly, at first it's really hard for me to accept what is happening. But now, I am more confident and positive and I'm sure the baby would be the best gift ever. Lovely and wonderful as any child would be. I tend to pay more attention to a down syndrome child on the street, I don't mean to stare but I like to see that this kids actually could grow up well and have their own future, although different from normal person, but just as wonderful. And the child would be pure, innocent, a child of heaven.

    I am still scared of suddenly losing her, but I am stronger now. I have to stay positive, believe that she is a strong child, she would survive and have a long live.

    The future are still blurry and everything is up to God's Will. Allah knows what best for me, for my baby and family. May Allah protect her always.

    Another 13days for us to welcome her to this world. Ya Allah, please make everything goes smoothly. Amin.