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  • www.tips-fb.com Amniocentesis Result

    Friday, September 27, 2013

    Finally the result are here. I wasn't really prepare for the news and was shocked and dumbfounded when Dr Ramesh delivered the news. He had to repeatedly asked me if I understand what he was saying when I was left speechless for a few seconds.

    Yes, my little baby girl are a down-syndrome child. With an extra copy of chromosome 21, she was going to be born special. Now we know why she has a heart defect and also a tumor in her brain. I was sad, scared, worried, and knowing nothing about raising a down syndrome child, I really am don't know what to expect. Furthermore, she probably gonna need a heart surgery within few weeks after the delivery. The tumor in her brain would required to be further observed before doctor could suggest what need to be done.

    I know I am going to love her nevertheless, but I was afraid I am not strong enough to endure seeing her going through all the test and operation or even thinking the possibility that she wont live long with us.  The fact that she might leave us and we have to bury another child really breaking my heart.

    I need to keep strong, I know that, but it is so hard. I dont know who I could talk to, I dont know how to talk to people about whats going on. I am scared, very scared.

    Next week, my husband and I are going to IJN and see a specialist there. We need to do the preparation for the heart surgery. This is all like a nightmare to me. I only have Allah to turns to, so my heart stay strong for my baby and for me not to break down in frustration and grievance.

    Dr Kanaga advice that I try to find out more about a down-syndrome child so we could better prepare ourselves with the knowledge, to raise her as a special child. But seriously, I just don't know where to start. I am at loss now. I just hope, this child would be delivered safely. Taking one step at one time. Hoping in the end, all of this would come as a blessing after all.

    www.tips-fb.com Ventriculomegaly? Ya Allah, help us...

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013

    After delaying for quite sometimes, finally my husband and I went to see Dr. Ramesh, who is a specialist in Maternal Fetal Division, Klang Hospital to get a follow-up detail scan regarding previous diagnosis in Serdang Hospital.

    On 26 June 2013, when my pregnancy is around 23weeks, I was refer to do a detail scan in Serdang Hospital, because of having a history of congenital anomaly (policystic kidneys) in my pregnancy with baby Firdaus,  where I end up terminating the pregnancy at 20 weeks. The most difficult decision I had to make in my whole life. The detail scan end up by the doctor telling me that the baby have a dilated ventrical, which measured 15mm or a condition they called as ventriculomegaly. This seriously came to me as a shock as we have had our detail scan done before in private hospital and was glad that everything was wonderfully fine. So the doctor schedule another repeat details scan with Dr Ramesh, a specialist, to confirmed the finding.

    Having no patience to wait and wanting to hear a second opinion, we decided to go to private to get another detail scan. And again, we were relief to hear that the ventrical size measuring mere 4mm, which is very normal. So I decided that maybe the temporary cause of enlarged ventrical is because of the antibiotic I took for my flu medication. What's more, my appointment with Dr Ramesh has been postponed because the doctor need to attend courses, and I was rescheduled to a later date which falls on our planned vacation to Pulau Langkawi. So the nurse said that she would rescheduled it again.

    Having worry-free and confident that the baby is perfectly healthy, I just follow my routine check-ups in the clinic as usual. When I was referred to the doctor for my gestational diabetes monitoring, she suggested that I called Hospital Serdang to get the appointment because the nurse never reschedule back the appointment with Dr Ramesh, so I called Hospital Serdang and an appointment was set on 12 September 2013, and I am 35 weeks pregnant.

    That morning, I have no bad thought at all. I was pretty sure that everything going to be fine. How I was so wrong. I was so glad that my husband accompany me to the appointment that day. When Dr Ramesh showed me the ventrical area, it was quite obvious that something is in the ventrical, which is measuring 20mm (normal ventrical should not be larger than 10mm). Dr Ramesh said that it could be blood clot, or a tumor. He also said that there was a hole in the baby's heart and the ultrasound also showed echogenic kidney. Ya Allah, how could so many things gone wrong in my perfectly healthy baby. I just could not find any words to describe my feeling, but I force myself not to cry and think very positive.

    Dr Ramesh then called a pediatrician over to look at the scan image and ask her to monitor the baby immediately when she is born. He also offered if we would like to do amniocentesis, to analyze the chromosome for any genetic abnormality and we agreed to it. The next day, 13 Sept 2013, we went to Klang Hospital to underwent the procedure. Now we need to wait for another two weeks to get the results and prepare for whatever the outcome.

    We promise each other, whatever the result, we shall go through together. And we would love this baby no differently. At the moment, we would be positive and pray that everything would turns out okay at the end. Even there's thousand of horror stories on the net and just a few of remarkable one, we pray that the baby would belong to those few lucky one. We would prepare for the worst but only pray for the best outcome.

    We love you baby!! Please stay strong and healthy!!

    www.tips-fb.com Pengeluaran KWSP untuk membeli rumah pertama

    Monday, September 09, 2013

    Alhamdulillah. Pagi tadi sudah selesai urusan penyerahan borang 9C KWSP, iaitu permohonan pengeluaran untuk pembelian rumah pertama.

    Aaah, rumah pertamaku. Sekian lama menanti-nanti nak memiliki rumah sendiri, akhirnya dah hampir termakbul, Walaupun masih menunggu urusan pertukaran nama dan bank release kan duit kepada penjual.

    Sebenarnya, dalam dua minggu lepas, aku sudah pergi ke pejabat KWSP, cawangan Kajang untuk memastikan dokumen apa yang diperlukan. Ketika itu, aku membawa bersama S&P dan juga Loan Offer letter. Setelah menunjukkan dokumen yang ada, pihak kwsp memaklumkan aku memerlukan satu lagi dokumen iaitu "title deed" ataupun "deed of assignment" sebagai bukti rumah yang dibeli betul diatas nama aku ataupun nama penjual. Masa ni, proses penukaran nama belum lagi selesai disebabkan rumah yang dibeli masih lagi di atas nama pemaju sedangkan penjual sudah pun melangsaikan segala hutang perumahan. Maka proses penukaran nama dari pemaju direct ke atas namaku akan mengambil sedikit masa.

    Setelah memaklumkan kepada lawyer, lawyer akhirnya menyediakan dokumen yang diperlukan.

    So pagi ini, aku ke kwsp bersama dokumen2 ini (1salinan dan juga original):
    1) Sale & Purchase Agreement (salinan semua mukasurat)
    2) Loan Offer dari Bank (salinan semua mukasurat)
    3) Carian Rasmi dari pejabat tanah (untuk title tanah)
    4) Memorandum of Transfer (bukti penukaran nama dari nama penjual kepada nama aku)
    5) Salinan muka hadapan buku account (untuk pengesahan no acc, nama dan i/c bagi pengkreditan suit terus ke account)
    6) Salinan I/C (tapi lastly tak guna pun sebab dia dah guna pengesahan mesin ibu jari)

    Semuanya okay tapi last2 bila disemak, alamat yang digunakan oleh pemaju berlainan sedikit dari alamat dalam S&P, di mana nombor lot yang digunakan oleh pemaju tidak dinyatakan dalam S&P. Pegawai KWSP memberitahu kemungkinan permohonan akan direject, jadi kena tunggu keputusan dari HQ. If kena reject, aku perlu menyuruh lawyer menyediakan surat menjelaskan bahawa lot yang dinyatakan oleh pemaju adalah rumah yang sama yang ada dalam S&P.

    Ingat ke dah selesai, tapi ada sedikit lagi hiccup. InshaAllah, lepas penyerahan surat lawyer tu,  harap2 proses lepas tu semuanya berjalan lancar. :)