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    Monday, October 07, 2013

    Seminggu lagi, InshaAllah, dengan takdir Allah, mommy harap dapat menatap wajah anak mommy yang kedua. Anak mommy yang bakal di lahirkan istimewa. Mommy yakin, kehadiranmu akan membawa seribu kegembiraan dalam hidup mommy, daddy dan kakak Layka.

    Mommy sentiasa berdoa pada Allah, semoga anak mommy dilahirkan dalam keadaan sihat. Pasti hati mommy akan terguris, dan perit tatkala terpaksa menghadapi liku-liku perjalanan kehidupanmu yang berkemungkinan memerlukan pelbagai jenis rawatan, dan berkemungkinan masa kecilmu yang tidak lekang dari pemantauan mata-mata profesional dalam bidang perubatan.

    Anakku sayang, semoga Allah sentiasa melindungimu. Kami menanti hadirmu dengan tangan yang terbuka dan hati yang penuh rasa cinta. Hanya 1 minggu lagi.

    Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami nanti. Amin.

    www.tips-fb.com Update about my lovely baby

    Thursday, October 03, 2013

    Yesterday we went to IJN to see Dr Haifa to have Echo Fetal Heart Scan, to examine baby's heart condition, whether the baby would need immediate operation or could wait a little more. Alhamdulillah, the prognosis seem positive. The AVSD is categorized as moderate with measurement of 7-8mm and the valves are looking good. Anyway, it still depends on the symptom that baby may show after birth, whether she has difficulty in breathing and so on. InshaAllah, the best time to undergo such operation would be after the baby weight is more than 6kg.

    Dr Haifa assure me that I could delivered normally as the baby heart could stand the normal stress of delivery but that too is depend on the obstetrical condition/ complication.

    Honestly, at first it's really hard for me to accept what is happening. But now, I am more confident and positive and I'm sure the baby would be the best gift ever. Lovely and wonderful as any child would be. I tend to pay more attention to a down syndrome child on the street, I don't mean to stare but I like to see that this kids actually could grow up well and have their own future, although different from normal person, but just as wonderful. And the child would be pure, innocent, a child of heaven.

    I am still scared of suddenly losing her, but I am stronger now. I have to stay positive, believe that she is a strong child, she would survive and have a long live.

    The future are still blurry and everything is up to God's Will. Allah knows what best for me, for my baby and family. May Allah protect her always.

    Another 13days for us to welcome her to this world. Ya Allah, please make everything goes smoothly. Amin.

    www.tips-fb.com Amniocentesis Result

    Friday, September 27, 2013

    Finally the result are here. I wasn't really prepare for the news and was shocked and dumbfounded when Dr Ramesh delivered the news. He had to repeatedly asked me if I understand what he was saying when I was left speechless for a few seconds.

    Yes, my little baby girl are a down-syndrome child. With an extra copy of chromosome 21, she was going to be born special. Now we know why she has a heart defect and also a tumor in her brain. I was sad, scared, worried, and knowing nothing about raising a down syndrome child, I really am don't know what to expect. Furthermore, she probably gonna need a heart surgery within few weeks after the delivery. The tumor in her brain would required to be further observed before doctor could suggest what need to be done.

    I know I am going to love her nevertheless, but I was afraid I am not strong enough to endure seeing her going through all the test and operation or even thinking the possibility that she wont live long with us.  The fact that she might leave us and we have to bury another child really breaking my heart.

    I need to keep strong, I know that, but it is so hard. I dont know who I could talk to, I dont know how to talk to people about whats going on. I am scared, very scared.

    Next week, my husband and I are going to IJN and see a specialist there. We need to do the preparation for the heart surgery. This is all like a nightmare to me. I only have Allah to turns to, so my heart stay strong for my baby and for me not to break down in frustration and grievance.

    Dr Kanaga advice that I try to find out more about a down-syndrome child so we could better prepare ourselves with the knowledge, to raise her as a special child. But seriously, I just don't know where to start. I am at loss now. I just hope, this child would be delivered safely. Taking one step at one time. Hoping in the end, all of this would come as a blessing after all.

    www.tips-fb.com Ventriculomegaly? Ya Allah, help us...

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013

    After delaying for quite sometimes, finally my husband and I went to see Dr. Ramesh, who is a specialist in Maternal Fetal Division, Klang Hospital to get a follow-up detail scan regarding previous diagnosis in Serdang Hospital.

    On 26 June 2013, when my pregnancy is around 23weeks, I was refer to do a detail scan in Serdang Hospital, because of having a history of congenital anomaly (policystic kidneys) in my pregnancy with baby Firdaus,  where I end up terminating the pregnancy at 20 weeks. The most difficult decision I had to make in my whole life. The detail scan end up by the doctor telling me that the baby have a dilated ventrical, which measured 15mm or a condition they called as ventriculomegaly. This seriously came to me as a shock as we have had our detail scan done before in private hospital and was glad that everything was wonderfully fine. So the doctor schedule another repeat details scan with Dr Ramesh, a specialist, to confirmed the finding.

    Having no patience to wait and wanting to hear a second opinion, we decided to go to private to get another detail scan. And again, we were relief to hear that the ventrical size measuring mere 4mm, which is very normal. So I decided that maybe the temporary cause of enlarged ventrical is because of the antibiotic I took for my flu medication. What's more, my appointment with Dr Ramesh has been postponed because the doctor need to attend courses, and I was rescheduled to a later date which falls on our planned vacation to Pulau Langkawi. So the nurse said that she would rescheduled it again.

    Having worry-free and confident that the baby is perfectly healthy, I just follow my routine check-ups in the clinic as usual. When I was referred to the doctor for my gestational diabetes monitoring, she suggested that I called Hospital Serdang to get the appointment because the nurse never reschedule back the appointment with Dr Ramesh, so I called Hospital Serdang and an appointment was set on 12 September 2013, and I am 35 weeks pregnant.

    That morning, I have no bad thought at all. I was pretty sure that everything going to be fine. How I was so wrong. I was so glad that my husband accompany me to the appointment that day. When Dr Ramesh showed me the ventrical area, it was quite obvious that something is in the ventrical, which is measuring 20mm (normal ventrical should not be larger than 10mm). Dr Ramesh said that it could be blood clot, or a tumor. He also said that there was a hole in the baby's heart and the ultrasound also showed echogenic kidney. Ya Allah, how could so many things gone wrong in my perfectly healthy baby. I just could not find any words to describe my feeling, but I force myself not to cry and think very positive.

    Dr Ramesh then called a pediatrician over to look at the scan image and ask her to monitor the baby immediately when she is born. He also offered if we would like to do amniocentesis, to analyze the chromosome for any genetic abnormality and we agreed to it. The next day, 13 Sept 2013, we went to Klang Hospital to underwent the procedure. Now we need to wait for another two weeks to get the results and prepare for whatever the outcome.

    We promise each other, whatever the result, we shall go through together. And we would love this baby no differently. At the moment, we would be positive and pray that everything would turns out okay at the end. Even there's thousand of horror stories on the net and just a few of remarkable one, we pray that the baby would belong to those few lucky one. We would prepare for the worst but only pray for the best outcome.

    We love you baby!! Please stay strong and healthy!!

    www.tips-fb.com Pengeluaran KWSP untuk membeli rumah pertama

    Monday, September 09, 2013

    Alhamdulillah. Pagi tadi sudah selesai urusan penyerahan borang 9C KWSP, iaitu permohonan pengeluaran untuk pembelian rumah pertama.

    Aaah, rumah pertamaku. Sekian lama menanti-nanti nak memiliki rumah sendiri, akhirnya dah hampir termakbul, Walaupun masih menunggu urusan pertukaran nama dan bank release kan duit kepada penjual.

    Sebenarnya, dalam dua minggu lepas, aku sudah pergi ke pejabat KWSP, cawangan Kajang untuk memastikan dokumen apa yang diperlukan. Ketika itu, aku membawa bersama S&P dan juga Loan Offer letter. Setelah menunjukkan dokumen yang ada, pihak kwsp memaklumkan aku memerlukan satu lagi dokumen iaitu "title deed" ataupun "deed of assignment" sebagai bukti rumah yang dibeli betul diatas nama aku ataupun nama penjual. Masa ni, proses penukaran nama belum lagi selesai disebabkan rumah yang dibeli masih lagi di atas nama pemaju sedangkan penjual sudah pun melangsaikan segala hutang perumahan. Maka proses penukaran nama dari pemaju direct ke atas namaku akan mengambil sedikit masa.

    Setelah memaklumkan kepada lawyer, lawyer akhirnya menyediakan dokumen yang diperlukan.

    So pagi ini, aku ke kwsp bersama dokumen2 ini (1salinan dan juga original):
    1) Sale & Purchase Agreement (salinan semua mukasurat)
    2) Loan Offer dari Bank (salinan semua mukasurat)
    3) Carian Rasmi dari pejabat tanah (untuk title tanah)
    4) Memorandum of Transfer (bukti penukaran nama dari nama penjual kepada nama aku)
    5) Salinan muka hadapan buku account (untuk pengesahan no acc, nama dan i/c bagi pengkreditan suit terus ke account)
    6) Salinan I/C (tapi lastly tak guna pun sebab dia dah guna pengesahan mesin ibu jari)

    Semuanya okay tapi last2 bila disemak, alamat yang digunakan oleh pemaju berlainan sedikit dari alamat dalam S&P, di mana nombor lot yang digunakan oleh pemaju tidak dinyatakan dalam S&P. Pegawai KWSP memberitahu kemungkinan permohonan akan direject, jadi kena tunggu keputusan dari HQ. If kena reject, aku perlu menyuruh lawyer menyediakan surat menjelaskan bahawa lot yang dinyatakan oleh pemaju adalah rumah yang sama yang ada dalam S&P.

    Ingat ke dah selesai, tapi ada sedikit lagi hiccup. InshaAllah, lepas penyerahan surat lawyer tu,  harap2 proses lepas tu semuanya berjalan lancar. :)

    www.tips-fb.com Infant Massage

    Monday, August 26, 2013

    Yesterday, on Sunday, I have the privilege of attending an infant massage class. The class was conducted by Ms Rina Krishna Kumar, a Certified member of IAIM, Physiotherapist , and best of all it's free. IAIM stands for International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) was founded by Vimala McClure, Colorado, U.S. Its mission is to promote nurturing touch and communication  through training so that parents and children are love, and respects throughout the community.

    The first class was focused on what I assumed the first step when we wanted to massage an infant, and that would be the foot and leg massage. First of all, the baby must be comfortable, the light is dimmed, soothing music background, baby is not sleeping or crying and the most important thing is to let your baby know that u are going to massage her, and asking gently for her permission to do the massage.

    for example: pour some massage oil on your palm and rubbing your palm together in front of her. Gently touch her leg and say "sayang, mommy is going to massage you now. Are you okay with it?"

    It was really a rewarding experience. Although, Zulaikha is not so cooperative during the session, because she is so busy looking at other babies, and are quite preoccupied with the babydoll that mummy or daddy use to replace her.. hahaaa.. but its a new thing for me, and knowing the right technique in performing the massage was great. I am planning to start the massage earlier with the second baby, to make sure baby would already be familiar with the routine. Its great for bonding and I really believe, touch is very essential. I always touch my baby affectionately so that she know I care deeply for her.

    I'll explain some of the technique we've learned in the next entry. :)

    Time to go back home now.

    www.tips-fb.com Almost there!

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013
    Finally, dah confirm jugak ambil confinement lady untuk 14 hari. Alhamdulillah, walaupun schedule akak tu dah penuh waktu pagi, so dia datang waktu tengahari. Ok kot, pagi tu tak ade lah kelam-kabut, takat breakfast, roti bakar je dah cukup.

    So basically rutinnye, akak tu datang, sediakan air mandian, mandi, urut, tungku, bengkung, berparam dan berpilis. Bagi mandi baby, urut2 ringan baby dan lastly rasanyer masakkan makanan ibu berpantang.

    Hospital mana nak bersalin, rasanya masih memilih Hospital Serdang. Based on previous experience, nurse and doctor okay2. Cuma kekadang biasalah diganggu oleh para2 doktor pelatih atau nurse pelatih. Selagi boleh layan, layan jelah. Moga2 dorng nie nanti grad, dapat berjasa kat patient2 lain. Kita pun pernah jadi student kan, tak salah kita membantu dorang belajar jugak.

    First time masuk hospital serdang, sewaktu terpaksa gugurkan baby Firdaus, stay kat wad class 3 je. Still okay, selesa tapi takde aircond lah dan orang selalu ramai. Masa lahirkan Zulaikha pulak, minta wad class 2, memang selesa kalau nak dibandingkan dengan wad class 3 tapi tak dibenarkan ditemani even oleh mak mertua. Terpaksa la terkial2 membersihkan najis first baby (meconium) tu, dan agak kekok nak jaga baby, tapi alhamdulillah, naluri ibu dapat je guide untuk survive detik2 berseorangan ngn baby. But itu bersalin normal, kalau c-sect, mmg payah la. Tak dapat nak dibayangkan.

    So this time around, hopefully can get first class ward. kalau boleh biarlah bilik seorang supaya husband boleh teman. And harap sangat tak ade apa2 complication pada diri sendiri mahupun baby. Nak discharge cepat2. Mesti sangat rindukan Zulaikha time tu. Tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan Zulaikha lama2.

    Barang2 baby apa pun tak siapkan lagi. Nak kena cari balik semua baju2 dan kelengkapan baby. Itulah, semuanya dah disimpan daddynye.. entah mana letak pun tak tahu.  Nanti nak kena check dan listkan balik apa yang ada dan apa yang kena beli. Harap2 lah rumah dapat disiapkan sebelum bersalin. Tak sabar nak duduk rumah sendiri. Senang nak letak barang or nak cari barang sebab kita boleh decide sendiri nak simpan mane. :p

    Semoga segala nya berjalan lanar. Amin.

    www.tips-fb.com 2nd MGTT Result

    Friday, August 16, 2013

    Finally, the result is out. Not so lucky as the first MGTT test, this time my after glucose-drink reading is 10.7, yeah, officially I have Gestational Diabetes Melitus (GDM). I was really hoping to be free of GDM because if possible I did not want to be induce again, but with a family history and all, I guess it hard to escape.

    Anyway, now that I am already 31 Week pregnant, so it is not too bad after all. Only a few weeks to go, where I have to do those dull BSP test (for my baby sake, as long as she's healthy, I won't complaint much! :)) Last pregnancy I was detected to have GDM at 18Week pregnancy, imagine the time and effort needed to go to clinic every so often... and all those waiting time. So having GDM at 31 Week surely is good enough for me.

    Haven't had any u/scan recently so gonna went for checkup this weekend. Really praying that the little one is fine and healthy. As for soon-to-be big sister Zulaikha, she's just so smart, gorgeous and clever little things. Always makes us laugh with her antics. I am so blessed. Thank You Allah.

    My husband, as supportive and caring as ever, very understanding and never push me around if I am tired. What more could a wife and a mother ask for? hehee..

    May happiness always be around us and God Blessed.

    www.tips-fb.com Confinement Set and Confinement Lady

    Friday, August 02, 2013

    Alhamdulillah, harinie dh 24 Ramadhan. Tinggal beberapa hari je lagi. Dalam sibuk2 berpuasa dan buat persiapan raya, kenalah tengok2 jugak nyer persiapan nak bersalin ni. Eventho ini anak yang kedua, still banyak benda yang tak tahu dan kena diperbaiki. One of it is penjagaan semasa berpantang.

    Masa Zulaikha dulu, Alhamdulillah stay dengan mertua, so ibu mertuaku lah yang susah payah jaga, memasak, bagi mandi baby. Tapi bab pakai2 bengkung ke nak apply segala benda tu, sendiri2 lah, dia cuma bagi tunjuk ajar jer. Then lepas sebulan, balik kampong berpantang dengan mak sendiri. Lagilah kelaut je pantang memandangkan my mom nie jenis, makan je lah... heheee.. dh anak dia pun jenis makan mana le reti pantang2 sangat. Berurut pun kejap je.. bertungku langsung la tidak.. haish... macam mana perut nak slim kan.. dh ler pakai bengkungnyer malas (actually bukan malas sangat, tp sakit kena jahit, pastu terjatuh bilik air, jahitan terbuka, kena jahit lagi.. mau amek masa lama betul nak lega.. caner nak pakai bengkung, nak jalan pun sakit)

    So azam untuk kali nie, kalau boleh, biarlah berpantang elok2 sket. Dulu memang satu badan sakit, hendaknye pula si bb Zulaikha tu jenis suke ngempeng je. Kali nie terfikir, better ambil confinement lady, atleast dia nanti dapat jaga betul2. Takde lah nak ngelat2 lagi kan. Bermulalah pencarian mencari confinement lady, but price, Ya Allah, mahal jugak yer, takpe, untuk diri sendiri jugak, invest sket lah... xnak jadi macam anak first lagi. Dah survey/ tanye beberapa confinement lady, ada satu tu harga dia macam okay sket, tapi belum confirm lagi. Lepas raya lah baru jumpa.. then bolehlah confirmkan samada nak ambil dia ke tak.

    Untuk set confinement plak, set NR harituh pun belum habis, so continue  jelah memandang kan masih elok lagi and tambah pulak dengan beberapa product Tanamera. Kenapa pilih Tanamera Nye postnatal product? sebab rata2 review okay. Tambahan retis2 yang cun2 gitu pun guna tanamera kan, so kita give it  a try. From Tanamera, aku beli  Feminine Herbal Wash (akak agent tu cakap boleh guna jugak untuk bertangas, bagus betul kan), Herbal Bath, Herbal Massage Oil, VCO dan Brown Soap. Oh yer aku beli semua total RM120 (brown soap tu aku beli 2 ketul) lepas 20% discount dan akak tu hantar sampai ke office without additional charge. Best!!

    Okay, barangan yang aku terus guna adalah VCO dan brown soap. One thing for sure, I really love the brown soap. Baru 1st time pakai dah rasa cam kulit bersih, licin dan lembut. Nak sental pun senang sebab biji2 grain dia mmg jelas terasa. But Mr Hubby kata bau macam kat hospital.. hahaa... bau herbal kan, but I like the smell anyway. Then VCO guna kat perut untuk streachmark. Masih awal nak tahu kesannye kan. Aku jugak apply kat bawah tuuttt!! hehehe.... faham2 jelah. Sambil2 tu sempat jugak apply kat rambut Zulaikha, biar rambut dia lembut dan cantik.

    Hopefully everything would be better this time. Another two month jer nak jumpe new person nie. So excited. :)

    www.tips-fb.com Kisah Biskut Florentine

    Friday, July 26, 2013

    Dekat2 nak raya nie, meh cerite sedikit berkenaan biskut raya. Seperti kebiasaan, menjelang ramadhan je, mesti penuh dekat FB atau mana2 media sosial para2 sahabat ingin menambahkan duit poket yakni dengan buat bisnes kuih raya. Memang bes, sebab tak perlu susah2 nak beli kat luar macam di supermarket yang kita tak pasti rasa dia macam mana. So ada seorang kawan nie, menjual Krunchy Karamel Almond. Memang dah lama ade biskut nie dan sangat glamer. Cuma aku je tak tahu sebab tak pernah nak ambil tahu. Bila ramai dok promot, makenye ter-influence lah juga untuk merasa. Sambil2 tu ada la juge cakap kata teringin nak buat tapi tak tahu macam mana. Yelah, nak beli kan mahal benor, makan sekejap je dah abes. Seorang kawan bagi cadangan, "ala, ko gugel je beb, type biskut bepang atau biskut florentine, dia guna tepung florenta, senang je nak buat"

    Selepas digoogle, ternyata cara sangat mudah, hanya perlukan tepung florenta dan kekacang yang kita nak mix kan sekali. So pergilah aku dengan penuh harapan ke kedai jual barang bakeri nak mencari tepung tersebut. Sekali, ditakdirkan semua kedai yang aku perlu jawapannye sama je "Stok dah habis lah, ramai yang beli banyak2. Dorang buat bisnes online. Lepas raya nanti baru ada stok". Ya Allah biar betul. Kempunan la nie nak try buat biskut florentine.

    Memang dah give up sebab banyak jugak kedai aku mencari dari bangi ke kajang. Lastly, one last resort, aku try cari online. SMS sorang seller tu, jawapannya, sorry stok dah abes. Ok, fine, memang takde rezeki. Sekali seller tu SMS lagi "Awak ader 2 pack tepung florenta last, tapi jenama bienex, sama je lah, nak tak?" Tanpa fikir panjang, aku rembat je. walau agak mahal, namun kalau beli Krunchy Karamel Almond tu lagi lah mahal .. hahahaaa....
    Setelah siap dibakar

    Setelah siap dipotong oleh Mr Hubby yang sangat gigih

    Alhamdulillah, dapat juga buat akhirnya. Baru sekali buat (guna tepung 200g, ada balance lagi 1kg). Dekat2 raya nanti baru nak habiskan buat semua. Buat awal2, confirm tak sempat nak bawa balik kampung untuk raya nanti. Resepi Florentine?? Boleh tengok sini --> Azlita Masam Manis

    Mudah dan sedap :)

    www.tips-fb.com Jom Layan Gambar

    Thursday, July 25, 2013

    Dah lame tak post gambar keletah anak daraku sorang nie. So layan je lah...

    Cantekkk x apron sayerr??

    Macam mualaf kecik kan :p

    Gambar2 kat bawah nie, gambar Zulaikha dan kazen dia, Adam. Kekadang BFF la sangat... teman bergaduh pun ye jugak.

    Caught in camera, tak pose ye kamu dua nie..

    Time berbuke, dua orang nie lah yang paling excited :)
    Dapat gak Zulaikha bergambar ngn Tun M. Terserempak kat Param Sg Ramal

    www.tips-fb.com Shopping (Nak raya kan) =)

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    Lebih kurang 2 minggu lagi je nak raya. Excited nak raya tahun nie sebab anak dah pandai berjalan kan, syok la. Last year raya dok kena berdukung lagi, so bagi pakai dress kembang2 pun, xnampak sgt sebab kena dukung dia. And masa tu, Zulaikha masih menyusu badan, so agak leceh bile bertandang rumah orang, kena discreet sket kan nak selak2 bagi susu pun.. :p

    Oh lagi best sebab tahun nie is my turn (tu sebab utama excited lebih kan.. hahahaaa). Talk bout raya shopping, gara2 nak cari baju and tudung bagai, secara tak lansung, boleh pulak aku terjebak dalam gejala online shopping, especially beli tudung (baju xconfident sgt sebab tgh preggy, kang beli xmuat, payah...membazir pulak).

    Banyak betul fesyen2 tudung/ shawl ni kan. Selama ni, being a simple person, aku hanya sarung tudung awning (tak banyak pun ada) dan tudung bawal. Kebanyakannya plain. Oleh sebab dah terjebak kan, raya tahun nie teringin la nak try shawl and tudung yg printed and colourful. Sedar tak sedar, banyak juga duit keluar, sebab kebanyakan tudung2 sekarang nie, harga kekadang lebih mahal dari baju. Disebabkan aku ni tak pernah update koleksi tudung yang ada, so invest sket la.. tak banyak pun aku beli, cukup untuk dipadankan masa raya nanti. Antara tudung/ shawl aku beli dari Shazara, Radiusite, Butik Zaida, dan Koleksi bawal AidiJuma.  Byk lagi site yang menarik macam sugarscarf, al-humaira, qaira hijab and etc.

    Dulu selalu je aku perhatikan orang pakai maxi dress, blouse, skirt lawa2 dan tertanya2 mana la diorang nie beli (outdated sangat mak nie sejak kawin, almaklumlah, dulu selalu keluar ngn kengkawan, skang asyik ngn family kecilku, manalah zulaikha atau daddy dia nak tahu kan). Then semangat raya punya pasal, aku pun mulalah membaca blog2 orang bagai. Baru kutahu rupanya di Bangi ada  banyak butik baju yang best2. Aku pun g terjah Butik Mama, malangnya sebab dia freesize, mmg tak muat lah kan. Then pergi Butik Zaida, tapi jubah2 yang ada xbanyak choice, xtengok pulak baju kurung atau blouse sebab budget2 mesti x muat jugak. Then pergi ke EDZ boutique. Alhamdulillah, jumpe maxi dress yang aku suke. Paling best sebab dia kembang2, so muat lah saiz nyer. Happy sangat. Teringin sangat nak beli skirt dia, tapi terpaksa la tunggu after delivery kan.

    Okay, baju raya dah hampir kautim (for me lah). Dear hubby xstart beli baju dia lagi, teruk kan wifey nie, beli barang2 dia jek.. ehhee.. susah nak cari baju hubby nie memandangkan dia nih fussy orangnya. Baju Zulaikha pun hampir kautim jugak. So tunggu shopping baju daddy je lah lepas nie.

    Dah panjang dah merepek. Saje take 5 dari buat kerja. Back to work balik.

    Selamat berpuasa dan solat tarawikh!!

    www.tips-fb.com First Entry in 2013

    Friday, July 19, 2013

    Ya Allah, more than half years have passed, baru nak tulis entry kan. Semua gara2 workplace have blocked blogger.com. Surprisingly, just trying for fun, today it is accessible. hahaha... hantam je lah.. ambek je kesempatan nie nak update. Furthermore, I run into a dead end in my coding, and my sifu on leave pulak, kena dapatkan confirmation dia dolu before boleh proceed.

    Lot of things have happen the few months back. Alhamdulillah.. all good things. I am so blessed to be rewarded with good things in life. My darling Zulaikha, now 14months, clever, cute, healthy, very happy and active little girl, are more than everything to me. Plus, now I am expecting the second one. Zulaikha gonna be a big sister soon, InshaAllah, in 3-month time. Despite having a scared, one or two times running to the ER and going to hospital for details pregnancy check-up, my little beans is healthy and kicking hard. Alhamdulillah.

    More good thing, we finally own our own house. Although we still not moving in yet, because we still need to do some repair and renovation, plus the fasting month, InshaAllah the house would be ready by the Raya Haji. Yay!!

    There goes my first entry for the Year 2013. Happy Fasting and May Allah Bless Everyone with happiness and good health :)