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    Monday, December 31, 2012
    Sometimes dreams are only fragment of your buried memories. Once in awhile... it will subconciously resurface.

    www.tips-fb.com Bubur nasi Zulaikha

    Thursday, December 13, 2012
    Lama x posting anything. Reason being, my new workplace blocked the blog wwbsite and facebook.. So now, back to using my dear not so smart phone. :p

    Alhamdulillah Zulaikha has turn 7months now. Cpt ja masa berlalu, mummy's baby now big and smart with a lil notty on the side... So cute. Bila dh 7months... Instead of juz bagi Zulaikha makan puri buah.. Mummy dh start bagi bubur nasi.

    I buy the organic brown rice for her. First i soaked it for two hours... Clean it.. Put in the slow cooker with a bit of water, cook it overnite.. And its ready in the morning... So no fuss and mummy pun xkelam kabut nk g keje kan.( I really love the flexi working hours)

    Tapi zulaikha langsung xnak makan bubur kosong... Maybe sebab tekstur sebab mummy xblend it at first or sbb ianya bubur nasi kosong.. Xder rasa... But I malas nk experiment and I know that Zulaikha sgt suka labu which is manis kan... So I blend the porridge with steam pumpkin... Baru dia nk makan...

    Today I cooked porridge again with pumpkin and red dates. Mmg dia makan la.. But sangat cair.. Slow cooker tak perlu byk air sbb dia xdela berwap sgt kan.. Plus labu sendiri dah banyak air. So keep in mind.. Perlu kurangkan lagi kuantiti air.

    P.S: dulu seronok nk masak utk hubby but now lg seronok masak utk baby.. Oppss! :p