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  • www.tips-fb.com Kerja... Kerjaya

    Monday, July 16, 2012
    Alhamdulillah... Akhirnyer dah dpt keja setelah 3 kompeni aku g interview. Sempat juga dpt kerja sblm raya kan... Wpun 1st salary lps raya... Terpaksalaa beli dulu bayar kemudian utk persediaan raya.. Apa lg, guna duit plastik la... :-P

    Okay.. My job is ofcoz as a programmer... Cume nk bg dgr cm canggih sket... Senior Analyst Programmer...haha..bunyi cm hebat je kan tp sbnrnya hanya seorg programmer. My to-be-boss punyerlah emphasize how stressful the job is and he actually offer me another position as QA but with RM700 lesser..for me thats a lot laaa.. Money does matter kan..good things come with a hefty price tag...sadly... Altho the salary still higher than what i earned before... But now need to add toll and fuel expenses and now with our darling princess.. I choose as a programmer..stress pun stress lah...

    Anyway.. I hav another interview on Wednesday and yes.. I will still going bcoz of it such good reputation.. Why not.. Flexi hour.. 15% profit sharing... 1month contractual bonus and a promise of fun working environment... Try je lah kan..manatau dpt n dia offer lg tinggi... Hahaha.. Berangan jer aku nie..

    Oklah.. Wish me luck. Doakan aku berjaya jwb soalan n test dia nnt yer...


    www.tips-fb.com Senyum... Tak perlu kata apa-apa...

    Thursday, July 12, 2012

    www.tips-fb.com I have hands

    Thursday, July 05, 2012
    Recently our baby doll just "discover" her hands. Now..she's really fascinated by her new discovery :-)