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  • www.tips-fb.com SETERESSS!!!!

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    Dah lama xder entry seteress kan.. dolu asyik2 stress, skang kurang stress sket.. tp arinie stress.. sebenarnyer ade je ari2 stress.. malas nak blog pasal tu.. sebab xmo layan stress, pujuk2 je ati supaye hepi2 je.. stress sangat2 pun, buat sakit jiwa jek...

    Arinie kenapa stress.. sebab database.. dorang tukar server.. abess dblink tak function.. dah add balik... tapi laei dua degil sangat..xnak function jugak... eiii..geram sangat... taktao sebab aperr... kalo semua access ditangan sendiri lain la.. nie diluar bidang kuasa... tp yg membuatnyer kata dah okay... still xboleh jugak tapi..salah kat mana.. nak buat ape laei nie... mencik sangat!!!

    hurm.. tunggu time nak balek jer.. siyes nak blah ontime arinie.. malas dh nak mikir.. buntu dah.. kiter tgg esok jerr... keje?? waste another 1 day..esok lusa, ader training..so khamis baru sambung buat balek... hahahaaakss...

    nex week kilang shutdown.. kena work from home... bagus jugak kena keje.. kalo tak abess cuti sebab kena amek force leave... khamis dan jumaat, office shutdown , tapi kena masuk ofice sebab production jalan, org office je kena cuti... so kena dtg wat keje kat office la.. hahaa.. xleh nak ngelat lelama yer... sila jgn over deadline yer...

    Keje memang best... yg tak bestnye bile keje tu dihalang menda yang tak sepatutnyer.. sabar je lah...

    www.tips-fb.com MovieDay: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [Part 2]

    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    Frankly speaking, I was too darn excited to watch the final installment of Harry Potter. I've read the book like 8,9, 10 times? Well who's keeping the score. However the excitement really make me nervous. Of course I tried to get the early ticket to watch it on the day of the release, sadly, during my online e-payment with TGV, the website prompt out error. Sadly, eventhough has error, they still deduct the money in my account (I use MBB Debit Card). After calling them, they promised to refund the money within 3 weeks time. such a long time to wait. And more sad story, that was the only amount of money I have in my bank, (I don't like multiple withdrawal from ATM) I purposely left it there to buy Harry Potter ticket.

    Enough with the sad story, because I was so darn piss off and frustrated with the TGV Online Ticketing, I decide to just bought the ticket at the counter, so last weekend on Sunday, we went to Jusco Bkt Tinggi (to buy the kitty litter sands and renew my PLC membership too), we drop by the cinema to get the ticket. No surprise tho that the ticket mostly sold out and the available one all in front of the screen, so we bought the ticket for wednesday (because it's cheaper!!! and has a nice seat ;)). Feel so happy to get the ticket.

    After watching the movie last night, I was so happy. I always like the character in Harry Potter. The casting selection is excellent. (Except for Ginny, never like Bonnie Wright playing that role, she always look so emotionless... but did I ever mention that I am a big fan of Helena Bonham Carter.. yeah.. Bellatrix Lestrange... always been the one character I can't wait for the appearance).

    The movie kick off from the end of Part 1, where Voldemort took the Elder Wand from Dumbledore Tomb. My most awaited scene would be when they broke into Gringott was brilliant. Helena play an excellent part being Hermione under the polyjuice influence, transforming to Bellatrix Lestrage. The waterfall, the roller coster ride, Dragon, Geminion spell which cause multiplication. Oh... and when Potter and his friends escape from Gringott. The frustration on Voldermolt face expression when he knew they have been destroying the Hocruxes...

    And the King Cross scene seem so familiar, where did I saw it before?? Oh yeah, right in my head.. LOL... They maybe cut a lot of conversation and push some of the detail out (you really need to read the books to really understand each character, of why and why they did this and that), and straight away focus on the main story... the action... but I would say a very befitting ending, the Final Battle was captured just nicely (eventho not as detail in the books, but we already would be expecting something like that) with Prof McGinagall casting the Piertotum Locomotor spell and commanded the statues to defend Hogwart. And the protection spells cast to protect Hogwart... while Voldemort and Death Eater destroyed it and marched to attack. The refusal of Elder Wand to obey Voldemort...

    Can you hear my excitement of seeing the characters in Harry Potter book comes alive?? Neville Longbottom stands up before Voldemort, Luna Lovegood trying to make Harry listen to her, Prof McGonagall duelling with Prof Snape, Bellatrix Lestrage vs Molly Weasley and beautiful Helena Ravenclaw ghost and much much more ...

    Hehe.. enough say.. oh yeah... and this installment really make me cry, although we already know the ending, of who will die and story behind it, it still so sad and touching...

    Harry Potter.. I give 5 big shiny stars..simply because I love it..love it and love it :)

    p/s: The ending look funny tho cause it doesn't look like they've aged much !!

    www.tips-fb.com Good Night Sleep???

    Monday, July 18, 2011
    We have finally managed to install aircond in our room (finally, after much procrastinating .. hehe)

    Well, it surely make me have a better sleeping quality and I can get to sleep more easily this day, 10pm already feel so sleepy and already went to bed. The thing is now, I always wake up around 3-3.30am. And it feels so fresh like I already have all the sleep I needed. but of course, it is really early, and I need to force myself back to sleep to wake up at 6.00am.

    At 6.00am when the alarm rung, I felt so lazy to get up and just want to sleep a bit more. I feel tired like I did not have enough sleep. So... should I immediately wake up at 3am, instead of go back to sleep and try to wake up at 6am... gosh, my body clock is all messed up :p

    www.tips-fb.com The First Two

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011
    Nak tao ape agenda kitorang skang... hehe... ini dia... ta daaaaa!!!

    Van Milo... dah berjaya redeem 2... another 4 to go... chaiyok!! Harus kumpul keenam-enam becoz so cute!! I loike so much!

    Nasib baek Mr Hubby pun sama2 nak kumpul points Milo, kalo aku sorang2..teruk jugak nak kumpul 240points. Skang pun another 160points to go.. takpa..kita kumpul tetiap bulan slow2 naa... untuk bulan ini dan bulan akan datang... minuman wajib, panas atau sejuk.. MILO... hahahaahaaaaaa....

    www.tips-fb.com New Additional Blog

    Thursday, July 07, 2011

    Hi UOLS ^_^

    Baru2 nie aku tetiber je teringin nak buat blog pasal masakan dan jugak tempat jalan2 cari makan. Maka dengan itu lahir lah:

    Sile2 dan sudi-sudilah menjenguk yer...

    Peace No War XOXO

    www.tips-fb.com Depression (How it's start)

    Stress build up until whatever you wanna do is to block any light from entering your sight. If you are in a well lighted area, you would resort to putting a pillow, blanket or your hands over your eyes to block the light. Just keeping your lits shut would not be enough.

    Then come the surge of self-helplessness. You feel so low in moral and your brain keep on condemning how terrible person you are. Whatever negative feeling you've felt before, would form an association and attack your innerself. Then you resort to locking your lips tight to hold down this emotion before it lash out and hurt everything around you. While keeping your lips tight, you are begging for help. Any sign of love and affection to sooth your soul so all rages would cool off, and you can calm down until you can open up your mouth again to speak.

    Usually people wouldn't understand. They would force you to speak up. Because of the force that was put on you, the negative emotion would grow stronger. Whatever they said would sound like a criticism that feed your negative emotion like a hungry beast. Out of control, you started to plan ways to hurt yourself, so the physical pain would ease out the emotional burden. while you are calculating and rationalizing your action, you become more and more desperate.

    This is when you do stupid things to hurt yourself or the weakness would take over your body. Your brain shutdown and all of your energy fade away from you. Every bones in your body is aching, every muscles weaken and as you know it, you found yourself lying on the floor, praying for the help to come.

    www.tips-fb.com Bukan Siapa-Siapa

    Wednesday, July 06, 2011

    Aku ini bukan siapa-siapa. Suara aku, hak aku, pendirian aku bagaimanapun adalah milik aku. Dalam erti kata lain, aku ini bebas dan bukan hamba siapa-siapa. Hanya hamba Allah yang sentiasa cuba menjalani hidup seperti orang-orang biasa.

    Aku adalah seorang antara jutaan penduduk Malaysia yang amat sukakan keselesaan dan keamanan yang dikecapi sejak kemerdekaan pada tanggal tahun 1957. Aku mendapat pendidikan yang sepatutnya, bergraduasi, memperoleh pekerjaan, cukup makan minum dan pakaian, ada tempat tinggal, dan tidak ditindas mahupun menindas siapa-siapa.

    Aku tak suka sesiapa pun yang cuba-cuba mengganggu-gugat keselesaan yang dikecapi. Tidak kisahlah samada dari pihak kiri atau kanan. Selagi aku rasa hak aku tidak dicabuli dan selagi tiada siapa-siapa menyekat aku dari bersuara, aku rasa sudah cukup baik.

    Mahu tidak mahu kita perlukan seorang pemimpin yang mampu memberikan kita hak-hak ini. Selagi pemimpin itu mampu mengawal situasi semasa dari segi sosial mahupun ekonomi, itu sudah cukup baik. Setiap organisasi pasti ada "black sheep"nya, point of weakness, yang mencemari organisasi dan memburukkan reputasinya, itu masih boleh diterima sekiranya kebaikan melebihi keburukan organisasi itu. Kita nampak matlamatnya. Kita nampak tunjak perjuangannya.

    Aku tak faham mengapa sesetengah orang begitu taksub dengan seseorang pemimpin. Bagi aku setiap pemimpin ada buruk baiknya. Mereka hanya manusia macam kita-kita juga.

    Aku juga tak faham kenapa kita cepat sangat mengikut cara salah walaupun ia nampak sangat mudah, tapi kesannya bakal dirasa dalam tempoh sangat lama. Nanti aku boleh hilang kerja tao.. boleh hilang makan, pakai... siapa tahu, mungkin juga hilang tempat tinggal jika tergadai negara...

    Niat tak pernah menghalalkan cara. Biar apa jua alasannya, yang salah tetap salah. Tak payahlah nak digula-gulakan. Perkara sebegini, pasti ada saja pihak yang mempunyai kepentingan sendiri, akan mengambil kesempatan melaksanakan agenda mereka... ada mereka fikir pasal kita? ada mereka bantu jika kita susah nanti?

    Memang aku bukan siapa-siapa, tapi Malaysia ini juga milik aku. Bersyukur sangat yang buruk dapat dielakkan. kan bagus kalau semua boleh dilaksanakan secara aman.. :)

    www.tips-fb.com Berita Hari Ini

    Tuesday, July 05, 2011

    Hari nie macam biasa, lepas lunch je mulala aktiviti aku membrowsing news online. Yang aku selalu buka Harian Metro dan The Star. Berita kat metro, macam iasa laa..sentiasa mensensasikan berita-berita yang aku rasa memang banyak berlaku dalam masyarakat kita hari ini.

    Berita hari nie memaparkan pasal suami yang sanggup menumbuk, memukul dan memijak perut isterinya yang sedang mengandung 7 bulan, gara-gara si isteri mendesak suami membeli barangan menyambut bayi sulung mereka nie. Wahai sang suami, biarpun menghadapi masalah kewangan, biarpun serabut dengan seribu satu masalah, bagaimana tergamaknya memijak perut isteri yang mengandungkan anak sendiri.

    Satu lagi berita pasal si suami membelasah isteri gara-gara cemburu melihat isteri keluar makan bersama teman sekerja lelaki. Memang si isteri salah juga, sebab kalau suami tak benarkan keluar berdua je makan tengahari walaupun, dengan rakan office, berdosa buat macam tu, tapi membelasah isteri, dikhalayak ramai, tanpa perbincangan dulu sangat tidak patut...kan?

    Dunia sekarang, orang cepat marah, penuh dengan stress, cepat betul hilang pertimbangan. Dalam diam-diam, aku rasa bersyukur sangat sebab suamiku bukan jenis cepat naik tangan atau panas baran. Kalau tak, susah jugak...

    banyak orang.. banyak betul ragam nyer... hurm...

    www.tips-fb.com MovieDay: Transformers: Dark of the Moon (3D)

    Saturday, July 02, 2011

    Today, finally, the most awaited movie of the year (beside the final chapter of Harry Potter coming out soon), is HERE!! We are so excited about this movie...Why not, nobody does it like hollywood and Transformers is consider one of the masterpiece, with the details and advance CGI technology and all.

    My personal opinion on this movie.. LOVE IT.. LOVE IT.. LOVE IT!!!

    Although it doesn't have the best fight scenes compared to previous episode, but the storyline is totally THERE. The conspiracy, conflic, humor, hot babes (better than megan fox, IMAO :p), super SEXY cars...

    The 3D, at the beginning, not much.. and seriously, I hate the 3D SUBTITLE SO MUCH!!! I prefer watching a 3D movie without the annoying and disturbing appearance of subtitle, when the 3D not as popular as it is nowadays. However, near ending, when they were fighting in Ground Zero Chicago to destroy the main pillar, the 3D was awesome. Must see scene for me is when the Decepticon tore down the Trump Tower. I really like that scene.. and when they do the rescue thingy.

    Don't worry, no spoiler. I don't like giving spoiler or synopsis in my blog... just to say that I enjoy the movie (but not the guy behind me who keep on kicking my chair because he is so BIG and FAT!!!) Poor guy, must be really uncomfortable sitting in that tiny space of his...

    Conclusion, not the best Transformer movie but still a must see at the cinema. Come on guys, after all we are talking about transformer here, there's no way watching it in the DVD would be better.. unless you have a huge screen and super cool sound system...

    I gave 4 big shining stars for this :)

    www.tips-fb.com Kucing Saya

    Friday, July 01, 2011

    hari nie nak cerita pasal kucing saya.. hehe...

    Currently I have 6 cats at home, 1 adult, 1 big kitten, and 4 small kitten. Yang adult tu nama dia bhutan. Memang nilah penenmanku yang paling setia dan manja sekali. Tapi dengan aku je tao... dan beberapa orang yang dh lama dia kenal. Ramai orang konon nak test power ngn Bhutan, abess di cakarnyerr..hehe... waktu kenduri aku kat kampung dulu pun, habis tangan tukang pasang khemah tu kena cakar dan gigit. Bhutan nie nampak je macam manja, kalu orang pergi dekat pun tak lari... tapi cube sentuh dia... hurm kan dah kena...

    Kalau balik kg salu kena bagi warning dan jaga2 takut bebudak main, kang kena cakar, tak pasal2 mak budak marahkan bhutan plak..sian bhutan...

    Dolu ada sorang kawan mak, kononnye macam bomoh lah... katanya semua kucing sukakan dia. Aku dah cakap, bhutan nie garang, dia xpercaya...so dia suruh aku letak bhutan kat riba dia..masa mula2, aku still usap2 bhutan bagi dia tenang dan tak gigit orang tu. Lepas tu kawan mak macam berbangga la plak bhutan tak gigit dia so dia nak try angkat bhutan. Apa lagi Bhutan terus la gigit tanpa warning. Sekali kawan mak tu pukul Bhutan. Nak marah juga sebenarnye sebab dia yang cari pasal dolu... anyway..lepas tu puas memujuk bhutan sebab dengan aku2 dia marah xbagi pegang.. dah hilang percaya la tu... huhuu....

    Okay, berbalik pada yang 5 ekor lagi, semua anak Bhutan. Yang empat tu baru lahir, baru sebulan, tapi dah menampakkan kebuasan masing2. Si abangnyer plak, si Kopi O, bukan main seronok ada budak kecik dia boleh buli. Selalunye dia main ngn Bhutan teruk dia kena sebab Bhutan memang main kasar. Tapi yang 4 ekor nie nanti semua nak bagi orang, bukan tak sayang, tapi tak mampu nak jaga banyak2. lagi pun nie batch terakhir anak2 Bhutan. Lepas nie dah takde dah.

    Yang gray tu kena paksa tangkap gambar, tu yang muka tak bestt tu..

    Hehe.. bebudak nie dah beratur elok2 jer, posing untuk tangkap gambar

    Bhutan menumpang kasih kat KopiO sambil menyusu budak2 kecik tu

    Kata ayah dulu, bela kucing nie murah rezeki. Bagi aku pula, bela binatang nie bagus, terutama untuk budak-budak. tapi kena pantau la. Sebab dari sini boleh pupuk rasa kasih sayang, then rasa tanggungjawab. kalau boleh sayangkan binatang, mestilah boleh sayangkan orang lebih2 lagilah kan :)