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    Friday, August 20, 2010
    Yesterday, I joined my hubby and his friend Aidi for bukak puasa. They choose an Arab Restaurant located in Seri Kembangan. The restaurant is located near the shoplots beside the south city plaza. If you could see a PapaRich Restaurant, so you are in the right area. The restaurant is located further behind the PapaRich.
    The restaurant was named "Half Moon Restaurant". We reached there at about 6pm, only to find that it still closed. So we take a walk around the area and come back again near 7pm. At that time, we could see that they already placing table outside the restaurant (open-air). But we choose to sit inside, in an air-conditioned room.

    At first, there still just a few people. But people seem to keep on pouring in. Most of them are of course, the Arabians.According to Aidi, this was the best Arab Restaurant, even better than Saba Restaurant in Cyberjaya. Yes, I've been to Saba before so maybe I could make a comparison there.

    Not being a fan of Arab's Food, I just hope that this one would simply make a different to me. Anyway, I must gave them compliments for giving out free lemonade and believe me, the drink was really nice and refreshing. If I've known earlier, I might not need to order any other drink at all.

    So, our order are, Kabsah Lamb for my hubby (RM12), Maggdut (hope I spell this correctly) Lamb (RM18) for Aidi, and of course the most expensive one for me , Mixed Grilled (RM22), which at first I thought it also come with rice, based on the photo beside the menu, but was dissapointed when the food come and see that it actually a "roti" with chunk of grill chicken, lamb, and beef with one green chilly and 1/4 slice of tomato.

    The Kabsah Lamb was definitely better than the one in Saba, while Maggdut Lamb, well the rice for Kabsah taste better, and the beef just taste as same.. hehe... I try it all!! My own food, it was too dry to my liking without any sauce or soup to go with it. Haa.. I still failed when it come to Arabs food.

    Oh yeah, we also order Sambosa, price RM1/piece and you need to pay first to take it. It look like Malaysian Popiah but taste like "Murtabak". Not bad, except of course, feel too dry for me. And also mixed vegetable with yogurt. Eat alone it's too sour but go quite nicely with the rice. It price at RM5 per plate. Also need to pay for it first.

    For drink, my hubby ordered the Lemon flavoured Barbican (RM3), a bottle drink, but it was sold out, so he just cancelled it, Aidi ordered the Mango Juice (RM4) and I ordered the Cocktail Juice (RM4). I shouldn't use the word juice there because the drink was so thick and have a heavy flavour of banana. Not really suitable for Buka Puasa (thank GOD they provided the tasty lemonade for free!!!!!)

    So the total of all of our food is RM60. Looking at the portion, this is consider REALLY REASONABLE, just that I am still leaving the restaurant, not being a fan of Arabs food. I must admit by now that I don't like Arabs food, sorry to mr hubby because he is the biggest fan of Arabs Food.

    Sorry that no picture is taken because I didn't bring the camera with me and mr hubby phone are out of memory edy to take picture.

    note: This is 100% writer personal view. The restaurant was being circulated as being one of the best Arab Restaurant by people who love Arab food. It just merely because I am not a fan of it :)


    1. Hani Razmy said...:

      Thank you. I am about to go for bukak puasa there this evening. Surfing for info and found your blog. Well I guess the food must be very good because they still got a positive comments from non-fan of Arab food. Thanks again.

    1. BaggieSue said...:

      Welcome.. :) so how's the food..? hope u've enjoyed ur buka puasa there...

    1. Anonymous said...:

      sunday,this restaurant is open or close ???

    1. BaggieSue said...:

      Sorry... I also don't know whether they open or not on Sunday.