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  • www.tips-fb.com Weekend in Malacca

    Monday, August 30, 2010
    Last Friday was Nuzul Quran day, which ,for people who don't know, it remarks the day that our Prophet, Muhammad SAW was given the first Quran verse, which was the surah Al-Alaq.

    Anyway, for us who work in Selangor, it's a public holiday for us. Actually, we already had planned ahead for this long weekend. First, "berkebun" - gardening on Friday, then go to Malacca to Shopping and to Buka Puasa with my Sister and her family on Saturday, then go to Nilai on the way back, and also drop by at my In-Law's house for bukak puasa on Sunday.

    I woke up quite early that Friday morning. After Sahur, I started cleaning up the house. Then, went to wake mr hubby up and remind him that we need to plant the banana trees, lemongrass, and pokok kari that we took from Kajang last week. Berkat my continuous effort to water it everyday (more like soaking the newspaper which I thrust into the basket, where I put the plants), the plants actually manage to survive for 1 whole week. Even the banana tree start to grow new fresh leaf. :)

    First thing first, cleaning up the area which are full of wild grass and God-knows-what-else. Sian Mr Hubby, have to do that even fasting, but I helped!! :pAfter clearing the area, I started planting the banana tress's and also the lemongrass and pokok kari. To our surprise, we found a lime tree grow among the grass, so we re-planted it next to our lemongrass plant. Oh ya, we also plant the sugar-cane and pandan plant. This two, dont know can survive or not...

    Then I had a call from my sis that asked us to go to Malacca on that day because her husband has to go for his classes in KL on Saturday, and she want us to join her bukak puasa in Umbai. Seafood ... yummy!! =p~

    After promised her that we'll go after Friday Prayer, mr hubby had a called from his sister saying that my MIL and FIL would be spending the nite at her new house and they also would probably stop by at our house. They never come to our house before. But a promise is a promise and I have promised to my sister first. Sorry dear, and sorry ayah and mama... kena next time lah...

    So we travel to Malacca at about 3.30pm and reach around 5.00pm. Luckily the traffic was smooth. At 6pm, all of us started the journey to go to Umbai for buka puasa, but was stuck in the traffic jam. Wow, so many people come to Malacca. My sister say because people come to do shopping for Raya. We manage to arrive at Umbai 7++pm. We had to stop to buy drinks first because its already buka puasa time.

    The food was okay, not great. We had Ketam black pepper, Lala Sambal, Senangin Sweet Sour, Kangkung goreng belacan, Kerang Rebus, Udang black pepper (and we actually order for buttered prawn.. sigh).. one jar of watermelon and one jar of orange juice... 7 plain rice and 7 nasi lemak (rm1/piece).. total is RM195.00.. consider okay, the fish alone price is rm60...

    I was really dissapointed for the Ketam because it's not fresh. It feel dry and lost it juicy sweetness... the udang just okay, because I couldn't really taste the black pepper.. kangkung goreng belacan on the other hand is too saucy, look like asam pedas already... it's not bad, just not great!! I remember having a better day eating here at Umbai, maybe we pick the wrong stalls.. :P

    Oh well.. there's a lot to story, but my entry already too long. I'll continue later... tatataaaaaaa...
    p/s: we end up going back on Sunday and straight went to Putrajaya Pasar Ramadhan, buka puasa in the car and reach home around 8.30pm.

    ~Selamat Berpuasa~
    Added Photo Entry ~2Sept2010~

    ############## Photo Berkebun ##############################

    ########## Buka Puasa Di Umbai Photo ##########################

    ############### Malacca Town - Shopping ####################

    www.tips-fb.com No Internet Day

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010
    Last night I definitely full of spirit to finish off my pending task, and deploy it to production today. Though I went back at 5pm, because mr hubby come to fetch me, I immediately open up my lappy to continue my work while waiting for buka puasa. But I was quite dissapointed that the connection was unaccessible. Owh, the server must be down and I had this hundreds of email coming it. That confirm my assumption that the server was definitely down.

    Oh well, look like the job has to be completed in the morning.

    As I reached the office this morning, I was greeted by the news that we are cutt off from the network and internet. The news was the construction that was going on near the office, accidently damage the communication cable, hence no internet nor telephone for us. It was quite hectic with a lot of report fail to generate and we felt like totally isolated from the outside world (lol.. yea.. I was aggregating) Finally, we managed to work out the local (intranet) to work, but still I could not finish up my task. If not, I could have closed it today. Too bad...

    So work still pending for tomorrow and the network already totally up at 3pm today.

    And tomorrow will be the last day of the week, which I am totally glad to remind my self of that.

    Hello long weekend!!! :)

    www.tips-fb.com BIG RAT <:3)~~~~

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010
    Oh.. Big big rats..
    running up and down..
    here and there..
    when the lights out..
    it's playtime for you..
    and you shyly hide away...
    when its bright and sunny...

    Oh.. Big big rats...
    what a big feast you had..
    each night enjoying yourself..
    when the morning come...
    you left the leftover for us to see..

    Oh.. big big rats...
    Oh..big big rats... *sigh!!
    Wait till this annoyed kitty got a bit of you <:3)~~~~

    www.tips-fb.com Half Moon Restaurant (Arab Food- Seri Kembangan)

    Friday, August 20, 2010
    Yesterday, I joined my hubby and his friend Aidi for bukak puasa. They choose an Arab Restaurant located in Seri Kembangan. The restaurant is located near the shoplots beside the south city plaza. If you could see a PapaRich Restaurant, so you are in the right area. The restaurant is located further behind the PapaRich.
    The restaurant was named "Half Moon Restaurant". We reached there at about 6pm, only to find that it still closed. So we take a walk around the area and come back again near 7pm. At that time, we could see that they already placing table outside the restaurant (open-air). But we choose to sit inside, in an air-conditioned room.

    At first, there still just a few people. But people seem to keep on pouring in. Most of them are of course, the Arabians.According to Aidi, this was the best Arab Restaurant, even better than Saba Restaurant in Cyberjaya. Yes, I've been to Saba before so maybe I could make a comparison there.

    Not being a fan of Arab's Food, I just hope that this one would simply make a different to me. Anyway, I must gave them compliments for giving out free lemonade and believe me, the drink was really nice and refreshing. If I've known earlier, I might not need to order any other drink at all.

    So, our order are, Kabsah Lamb for my hubby (RM12), Maggdut (hope I spell this correctly) Lamb (RM18) for Aidi, and of course the most expensive one for me , Mixed Grilled (RM22), which at first I thought it also come with rice, based on the photo beside the menu, but was dissapointed when the food come and see that it actually a "roti" with chunk of grill chicken, lamb, and beef with one green chilly and 1/4 slice of tomato.

    The Kabsah Lamb was definitely better than the one in Saba, while Maggdut Lamb, well the rice for Kabsah taste better, and the beef just taste as same.. hehe... I try it all!! My own food, it was too dry to my liking without any sauce or soup to go with it. Haa.. I still failed when it come to Arabs food.

    Oh yeah, we also order Sambosa, price RM1/piece and you need to pay first to take it. It look like Malaysian Popiah but taste like "Murtabak". Not bad, except of course, feel too dry for me. And also mixed vegetable with yogurt. Eat alone it's too sour but go quite nicely with the rice. It price at RM5 per plate. Also need to pay for it first.

    For drink, my hubby ordered the Lemon flavoured Barbican (RM3), a bottle drink, but it was sold out, so he just cancelled it, Aidi ordered the Mango Juice (RM4) and I ordered the Cocktail Juice (RM4). I shouldn't use the word juice there because the drink was so thick and have a heavy flavour of banana. Not really suitable for Buka Puasa (thank GOD they provided the tasty lemonade for free!!!!!)

    So the total of all of our food is RM60. Looking at the portion, this is consider REALLY REASONABLE, just that I am still leaving the restaurant, not being a fan of Arabs food. I must admit by now that I don't like Arabs food, sorry to mr hubby because he is the biggest fan of Arabs Food.

    Sorry that no picture is taken because I didn't bring the camera with me and mr hubby phone are out of memory edy to take picture.

    note: This is 100% writer personal view. The restaurant was being circulated as being one of the best Arab Restaurant by people who love Arab food. It just merely because I am not a fan of it :)

    www.tips-fb.com Talking With Your Mouth Full

    People say it’s rude to talk when your mouth is full, why?

    I knew one lady that really-really-really love to talk. Even when she eats also she wanna talk.

    And you know what; I found that it’s not only rude, but also annoying. Because your voice sound like it was swallowed somehow. And chewing your food in between word… err... I beg your pardon miss, I will talk to you later, please finish whatever in your mouth first please.

    www.tips-fb.com When It Is Not Within Your Job Scope

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010
    Sometime people tend to come to me, asking me to do them favours, which at most of the time, I am more than gladly to assist them, especially when I am not on a tight schedule. Some of the favor come from outside of my department, or even my job scope. The one example I could recalled was, helping a sales team to do their slide shows and diagram. Editing image whether to make it larger or clearer. And of course, the credit would go to them. Honestly, I don't really mind about that.

    Then after all this while, I have been lending hand to this favors which come once in a while, my superior called me and told me that this is not the correct way of doing it as the resource (which means me) belong to other department. All my past attitude of thinking that we should help each other because we are under one company most likely are challeged.
    His reason, while I am doing all this favors, other would follow my example and it would interupt the flow and the individual job scope. If the person is not capable of completing the task, he/she should be attending to a training or use his/her own effort to get the expertise. If people found me easily yield to the request, it would effect my own task which I should be more concentrating on.

    And yes, I definitely agree with him. I shouldn't let people use me as they like. And what I learn from all of this is, doing good deed to people, and doing them favors, at times would only effect my performance, hence consume my time which I should use to focus on other things. One of the most important point, always know when to say NO and manage your priority accordingly.
    There is another thing that he advice me, to do or optimize your effort at the very beginning of each task. Do every task daily and treat it as tomorrow is the due date. We would be amazed by how much time we are left with, to do other things. To put it plain and simple, PLAN YOUR TASK then HAVE A GOOD STRATEGY TO EXECUTE THE PLAN.

    Altho its merely common sense, but as commonly as human is, we forget and take the simplest rules for granted. Having said that, I should always remind myself of this.

    ~Selamat Berpuasa~

    www.tips-fb.com Berbuka di Ayamas

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010
    Semalam, hasrat hati bukan main lagik. Yang kelakarnya, ikut plan memula nak masak kari daginglah, dari kari daging, tukar plak ke maggie goreng, pastu tetiba timbul hasrat, beli makanan kat pasar ramadhan lah, pastu tetiba jek kitorang tukar plan lagik... nak makan kat luar jek.. aish... so kire lauk tapau dari kantin tu nanti buat sahur jelah.

    Nak berbuka kat luar, tapi di mana yek.. problem laei... so memula kite nak berbuka kat Pak Hailam, pekena bubur ayam dia yang menjadik favourite ku memang bess nie.. kalo steamboat...aish..mr hubby biasalah.. bukan penggemar tegar steamboat macam diriku ini.. then decide lah kata " JOM, PAPA RICH"... so dah decide tuh.. pukul 7mlm.. kitorang bergerak lah ke restoren PapaRich. Sebelum tu kena gie ATM dolu sebab tinggal beberapa keping duit kaler biru jerr dalam wallet. On da way ke bank memang lalu depan PAPA RICH.. alamak... ngintai2.. cam ramai jek orang... hati mula berbelah bagi plak.. last-last ku utarakan pada mr hubby "abang, tapau Ayam ayamas sekor dah lerr" then kami pun pergi ke ayamas yang letaknyer cume kat sebelah bank.

    Yang kelakarnya, daripada sekor ayam untuk ditapau..tetiba mr hubby menyuarakan hasrat, "kite makan kat sini jelah".. mesti dia dah boring makan kat rumah.. apa taknyerr .. selama nie memang tetiap hari berbuka kat rumah.. weeken lepas plak kami tak keluar gie mana2 pun. So memandangkan kitorang just nak makan kat sana, aku cakap kat mr hubby tak payahlah amek sekor ayam, kang xabess.. pastu plak..lauk sahur dah ada.. so kami order set nasi ayam jek, dan minum air tin (sengkuang cina- aku memang suke air nie.. dan mr hubby dengan air buah kundurnyerr).

    Sebenarnyer cam romantik juga.. memandangkan hanya kami berdua jek kat restoren tu, bersama dua pekerja dia kat kaunter. Mr hubby siap buat lawak laei kata dia booking satu restoren nie untuk kitorang berbuka kat situ. Apa-apalah dear... :)
    Arinie mr hubby berbuka dgn colleagues dia.. aku?? mestilah pandai2 buat plan sendiri... join bebudak opisku juga untuk berbuka nanti... sekali-sekala ubah angin.. apa salahnyerr.. ;)

    Selamat Berpuasa...

    www.tips-fb.com Pasar Ramadhan Kota Kemuning

    Friday, August 13, 2010
    Bile bulan puasa nie dah menjengah, mesti semua orang ternanti-nanti pastu tercarik2.. kat manelah ade pasar ramadhan yang best-best. Laei besar pasar tuh, laei bess.

    Aku pun tak terkecuali dari golongan2 ini. Bukan sebab pasal giler nak beli makanan, cume tercari-cari juge lah kuih muih atao makanan yang susah nak jumpe kalo kat bulan2 lain. Yang biasa2 nampak kat pasar malam tu, tak heran sangat lah (eleh, bukan main berlagak aku nih.. hehe). Anyway, sebab aku nie baru laei menetap kat Shah Alam, dan belum buat full survey, so aku taktao sangat location2 pasar ramadhan nie. So apa yang mampu aku lakukan ialah meronda kawasan tempat tinggal aku, kota kemuning.

    Semalam, berkat melakukan rondaan dengan bersungguh-sungguh oleh kami berdua, laki bini, akhirnyer, dapat ler identify dua pot pasar ramadhan kat area Kota Kemuning nih.

    Satu dekat Balai Polis Kota Kemuning, area Jalan Anggerik Aranda. Seksyen bape ntah kat situ :p. Tapi pasar dia kecik sangat. Gerai pun tak banyak. Sekali jalan dah abess dah. Xperlah, nama meninjau. Sebagai buah tangan, kami beli sebungkus air tebu pure yang berharga RM3 sebungkus. Boleh tahan harganya..air tebu dia pun manis dan pekat. Balik tambah ais jer.. perfect!!

    Ehehee.. pas beli air tebu, kitorang gerak ke satu laei pot, nie dekat dengan Jalan Kebun. Jalan menuju ke Econsave, tapi naik atas laei (jalan dalam nak pi Klang). Yang nie nampak lebih meriah sket lah dari yang tadi. Tapi kitorang tak singgah pun, almaklumlah, akupun dah tapau lauk dari Kantin Kilang. Budget lah katakan.. rugi kalo xamek meal free tetiap hari kan :p

    Maybe petang nie nak g singgah. Just meninjau apa yang ada. Kalo jumpe benda menarik, boleh jugak beli.

    Ye, kite kena bersederhana. Dari dolu laei..untuk elakkan aku dari berbelanja ikut nafsu, kalo pergi pasar ramadhan, aku hanya benarkan diriku ini beli satu jenis makanan jek. Kalo nak beli lauk pun, cukup ala kadar, sebab beli banyak2 kang bile makan, terlebih kenyang, datang plak masalah laei.

    Okay... Selamat Berbuka!

    www.tips-fb.com Ramadhan Again ~ Selamat Berpuasa!!

    Thursday, August 12, 2010
    Alhamdulillah, panjang juge umur ku untuk bersua Ramadhan laei sekali. Puasa tahun nie lain sket, yelah, dolu2 buka puasa dan sahur sorang2, takpun dengan housemate jek, skang nie dah berdua. Kena siapkan jaudah berbuka dan juge bersahur.

    Aku macam biasa, sahur adalah wajib, kalau tidak nanti lapar. Kitorang tekad, puasa tahun nie taknak makan membazir. Makan biasa-biasa jek, tapi sekali-sekala, tak apelah makan luar, sebab hari biasa pun macam tu kan.

    Baru dua hari puasa. Permulaan Ramadhan biasalah agak penat. Apa laei skang nie kat office banyak keje. Otak kena stay focus untuk digest semua information. Adeii... macam xleh focus jek..sebab byk benda nk kena digest..tapi aku akan berusaha.. gambateh...

    Aku harap Ramadhan ini membawa rahmat dan lebih baik dari tahun-tahun terdahulu. Boss aku ader tanye "How're u coping? Is fasting month the month you dreaded or what?" Dan aku dengan poyonyer menjawab.. taklah, biasenye..kalo bukan bulan ramadhan, kalo tak makan memang tak tahan, tapi bulan Ramadhan nie special, tak makan pun kiter okay jek.. I said "it's a spiritual thing I guess" hehe.. nak explain panjang2 pun kang dia kata aku terlebih poyo, apa taknyer.. time tuh tengah nak meeting...

    Anyhow, marilah kite sama2 doakan kita dapat lakukan yang terbaik di bulan Ramadhan ini. Kepada orang bukan Islam, do enjoy the Bazaar Ramadhan... bess kan? :)

    Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Berbuka nanti.

    www.tips-fb.com Backdated Post (8.8.10) _Canopy Walk FRIM

    Inilah aktiviti kami hari Ahad lepas, trekking ke Canopy Walk di FRIM. Rancangan awalnyer actually wanna go to Broga Hill to watch the sunset, malangnyer, aku dengan poyo telah mengesetkan alarm kat henpon pada pukul 4pagi, tanpa menyedari aku letak repeat alarm yang skip hari weekend, so alarm hendpon hanya berbunyi pada hari weekeday jerr... demmit!!

    Terjaga je dah pukul 650 pagi, hati mula la bebal, mana taknyerr... dah memang sangat bersemangat nak naik bukit broga, dan weeken lepas adelah weeken last sebelum Ramadhan menjelang. Disebabkan kitorang pun dah beli nugget nak buat bekal pe semua, so aku pun menyuarakan hasrat kat mr hubby.

    "Abang, apa kata kita g FRIM, boleh naik Canopy Walk, pastu tingin nak tengok fenomena daun pokok yang tak bersentuhan tuh??" ajak ku dengan nada manja dan berharap... hehe.. and mr hubby kata okay...

    So kitorang pun bersiap2lah untuk ke sana. Berpandukan GPS, akhirnyerr kami selamat sampai. Nak masuk FRIM kena lah bayar RM6 dolu utk parking keta. Kalo parking kat luar, maybe murah sket, tapi jauhlah plak nak jalan, laeipun kami dah lambat, so cincai je lah.

    Memang ramai orang pagi tuh. Nak cari parking pun agak susah lah.. tapi akhirnyer ade juge parking. Lepas park keta, kami pun cari2 pintu masuk nak ke Canopy Walk tu. Dah jumpe.. tapi nampak signboard soh beli tiket kat kedai cenderahati. Alamak, mana plak kedai cenderahati tuh? Cari punye cari..tak jumpe.. takde sign plak tuh, terpaksalah tanyer akak kat kaunter pertanyaan dekat dengan kafeteria. Akak tu cakap, jalan straight je ikut jalan besar, nanti nampak lah. Kedai tu dekat dengan tasik. Kami pun teruskan jek perjalanan ke sana. Sampai kat kedai tu terus tanye harga tiket, actually dah ader tulis kat pintu masuk kedai, saje jek nak tanyer laei.

    Malaysian(local) adult : RM5
    Non Malaysia (adult) : RM10
    Student (age 13 years onward) : RM3
    Children (age 7 to 12) : RM1

    Lepas beli tiket, kami tanyer laei abang kat kaunter tu.

    "Encik, yang fenomena pokok daun dia tak sentuh tu kat mana?"

    "Oh yang tu cik kena ikut Salleh Trail"

    Dia pun dengan baik hatinye menunjukkan map untuk ke Canopy Walk dan juge ke Salleh Trail. Baik betul abang tu, mesra alam. Dan dia nasihatkan kami supaya pergi ke Canopy Walk dolu sebab perjalanan dia laei jauh. Lepas tu baru ikut Salleh Trail.

    Dan bermulalah pendakian kami, pada mulanya track dia senang jer.. tapi sampai satu point, signboar dia tulis "Canopy Walk 500meter" bermulalah perjalanan yang lebih mencabar, dengan menaiki anak-anak tangga tanah. Memang penat sebab kitorang pun dah lama tak excercise. Ada satu part perjalanan memang putus nafas, dada pun raser pedih.. orang panggilan aper tuh "heartburn".. tapi akhirnyer berjaya juge sampai kat station permulaan Canopy Walk.

    Memang sangat best Canopy Walk tu. panjangnyer hanya 150 meter, tapi sebab jambatan dia bergoyang2, kire adventure gak aa... Hanya 5 orang je boleh ader atas laluan pada satu2 masa, dan jarak antara dua orang hendaklah sejauh 2 meter. We really enjoy the view. Every sweat is worth this amazing experience.

    Perjalanan naik dan turun ke Canopy Walk lebih kurang 2jam setengah, tu sebab kitorang kurang fit, dan kitorang terambil track yang jauh untuk turun ke bawah. Kire melencong sket lah... patut time turun tak ramai orang :p

    Lepas singgah kafeteria, pekena teh o ais, kami mulakan perjalanan ke Salleh Trail plak. memula memang tak jumpe, rupoenye kena ikut tasik yang tepi kedai cenderahati tu. Terus je ke depan. Masa kami pergi memang takde orang, mungkin sebab dah tengah hari. Track dia pendek je.. jalan sket dah boleh nampak pokok2 kapur tuh. Masya-Allah, memang daun dia tak bersentuhan sesama sendiri. Mengikut ape yang aku tahu, pokok kapur ini ditanam bersebelahan (kat hutan, in the nature, pokok kapur nie xder lah tumbuh dekat2), dan terjadilah fenomena yang dipanggil "Crown Shyness".

    Lepas lepak2 ambil gambar, kami pun memulakan perjalanan balik. Penat juge tao.

    Tapi lepas raya, mungkin kami akan datang laei, sebab kami raser tempat nie memang bess. Udara segar dan nyaman. laeipun, we really need the exercise... :)

    Caption: Sile bace rules and regulation dolu sebelum naik jambatan gantung yek

    Caption: Starting point ke Canopy Walk.. 1st Station

    Caption: Inileh anak tangga yang penuh penat lelah nak kena daki.. dia tulis 500 meter je..tapi raser cam lebey jek :p

    Caption: Jalan yang kurang susah, waktu awal permulaan journey ke Canopy Walk

    Caption: Signboard

    Caption : Fenomena "Crown Shyness" pokok Kapur di Salleh Trail

    Caption: Permandangan dari atas Canopy Walk

    p/s: sorry lah gambar tak ikut turutan. Malas nak susun :p

    www.tips-fb.com Nail Caps for My cats

    Tuesday, August 03, 2010
    Previously, my L-Shaped Sofa has been scratch and damaged severely by my cat, so when my husband and I are thinking of buying another sofa, we really are looking at the option to prevent this from happen again. So before we moved the new 2nd-hand sofa in, we went to the petstore and bought a No Stay spray to make the cats stay away from the sofa.

    So last Sunday, we finally got the sofa. Because we had it delivered around 8pm, and spray the sofa with the "No Stay" spray, our cats seem not to show interest in scratching the sofa. So we thought.. wow, maybe it works after all.

    In the next morning, before I went to work, the sofa still look in a good condition.

    Later that evening, when I got home from work, I was devastated to see that there's threads coming out of the sofa frame, because of, no doubt, my cats' scratching. Oh yeah, on that evening also, I do google for the solution on the web, and found a product called Soft Paws and Soft Claws. Unfortunately, it was in UK and not available in Malaysia. So seeing the damaged made just for 1 day, we know we had to do something, before the sofa would suffer the same fate as my old sofa.

    I know we need the soft paws product. But where?? In Malaysia?? Then we had this idea of calling the Pet Lover Centre Home Delivery Hotline. From there, the people really helpful enough to help and told us that we could get that nail caps from Pet Safari, in Ikano.

    Although it's not from the same brand, it is much cheaper, cost about RM31.90 per 40pairs. And yes, another 20% off because we are the PLC members. We immediately quarantine the cats, and when to Ikano to buy this products.

    After much effort of putting it on, the cats seem comfortable enough to wear them. They look really cute with the red nail caps, as if they wear nails colour. :p

    yes, I pity them cannot scratch anymore, but what to do, we have a scratch pad before, not working, no stay spray also not working, catnip spay also not working (so they use the scratch post), this is a last option to declawing which we really don't want to do.

    I'll put up their photo later. :)