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  • www.tips-fb.com Last Day in Mimos Kulim

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009
    Today is my last day here, before I took a one-week-off and move back to KL (finally). The feeling, I don't know, mostly feel lazy, simply because too many things to do and I am so in holiday mood. Plus, I do not know to begin with what first, and now I end up writing here.

    Tak sabar sebenarnya nak kembali ke pangkuan yang tersayang. The first week of being husband and wife, is full with the feeling of contentment. I feel complete, altho we did have a fight, simply because both of us are still holding on to our ego, but its normal thing I guess. One of my friend did tell me, the secret to a happy marriage is communication and of course patience. If we lose any of those, argument is unavoidable. I do afraid of any heated argument, especially if I am having my PMS, where tolerance would be very hard to achieve and usually, things turn to worse because he did not know how to make me feel better. We both need to learn to be more understanding of each other.

    I think everyone is going thru the same thing, the most important thing of all is that, the mutual feeling of love that we shared. It is the best feeling of all.

    This Friday, I am going to drive to KL, bringing along  my family with me to attend the reception in Kajang. I am so excited, for the wedding, for him, for my family and friends that I am going to see at the function.

    Thanks God for giving me all of this altho most of the time, I feel like I didn't deserve any of this.

    www.tips-fb.com Day 5 of being a wife

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    On 12.12.2009, finally I am officially belong to my darling. Now I understand, why married people are so happy. You just could not explain the feeling of love, the sense of belonging and most importantly, it felt like one big heavy burden has been lift off from my chest.

    I am so happy. Very happy as for me, everything went well. Alhamdulillah!

    Life after marriage is very different. I admit, I have undergo a drastic change. I could feel the responsibility, and how much I wanted to only be the best for him. People keep saying that I should immediately try to have a baby, but for me, I want us to enjoy this couple life first. Baby, maybe later. I believe in planning but if God think that I am ready, and bless me with a child, I will accept it gratefully. :)

    To my darling, I love you... so much!!

    www.tips-fb.com The Past

    Thursday, December 03, 2009
    Day by day, the past has deserted me, further and further more. My old life, the one that I am quite comfortably confine in, now will has it drastic change. I am happy but very afraid as well.

    My work, I really wish I would get better and better at it. Put more effort and passion into it. I don't know where would this road lead me too, but this is the road that I choose (my career of course). Now I am bumping into another junction, reaching the same destination, but still, I do not know what will I passed through along the road. It did make me kinda worry a bit. I do hope some day, I could reach the expertise level in DotNet framework. Now, still in the mid-level and have a lot of things to learn. Worst part is, sometimes, learning could be very boring.

    These few days has been very stressful. A lot of things has to be done, and I do let my psycho maniac self go out of line a bit. *sigh... will I ever grow out of this? I am glad its almost over now, but every ending is a beginning to something else. No assurance given whether it would be better or worst, just pray to God that, of all the decision I have made in my whole life, let this be the one that I would not be regretting later on.

    Another eight days to be somebody missus, yet, who's counting anyway. As the day is approaching near, my heart nearly explode from the excessive mixture of feeling which I couldn't even describe. I don't know, honestly, I am very, very afraid...

    Am I ready? Do I really sure about this?

    www.tips-fb.com Nine

    Tuesday, December 01, 2009
    Another nine to take the pain away. Is it enuff? I know I still need more. God help me!

    www.tips-fb.com Dexamethasone

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    Dexamethasone may cause an elevation in blood pressure, salt and water retention, and increased potassium loss. You may need to restrict the use of salt and take a calcium supplement.
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    www.tips-fb.com I Wanna Know What Love Is (Mariah Carey)

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    www.tips-fb.com Ikut kata hati...

    He know how I would react if he continue to ignore me. He know what I do if I am feeling stress and yet feel ignored and unloved. But still, that the very thing he do, and I do the very thing that I expected me to do. He is fully sick of my behavior. While my hand trying to reach his, he pull his away and left me alone. 8 tablet of pills didn't work at all. Yes I need more. But my heart and my mind keep on fighting with each other. I know the heart will win, but my mind its the only rational thing I have right now.

    There's only two people who really know who I really am in this world, but even those two cannot be a dependable asset for me to grab on to. Maybe, any other day, it would be my last day. I just hope that it would not be today.