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  • www.tips-fb.com When I am almost there...

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009
    I am almost there, anticipating another 16 days to come..

    the horror..the horror.. the thrill.. the excitement...


    www.tips-fb.com The Forgotten People 2

    For the first time in his life, he could see colours coming to life. The black and white dancing images on a pale and blurry world's curtain has been lift off. His heart feel warm with anticipation. He was so unsure of his feeling. He never has experience such positive energy before. His heart pounding hard again the chest, his pale face turn to red, his hand shaking nervously while he bend down to pick up the dirty rubbish bag and bring it to the backyard, to be burn.

    While he watches the smokes making their way to the sky, he heard a voice calling his name. He turn around, but no, there is no one in sight. Maybe he was just imagining thing. Then he heard it again. This time the voice is a little harsh. Maybe it was angry that he didn't hear it the first time. He is sure that it was real. He is now listening carefully through the wind. There, the voice speaks again. Still, he could not see to whom does the voice belong too. Now the voice asking him why did he feels so happy? did he forget how suffer his life is? Did he forget that he's not suppose to have any reason to live for, except to serve them? He could not believe it. What kind of evil that could detect such a pure feeling, then deny it to him. He held his hand close to the ear, trying to shut out what it say. But still, the voice creaks and pounded to his brain, like an unstoppable noises that come from an old car's broken engine.

    www.tips-fb.com The Forgotten People

    Thursday, November 19, 2009
    When being asked, he just keep quiet. Muttering silently the curses that did not flew away pass his tight lips. He hated them all, but he know that this people wouldn't care. He was too dependent on them to walk away, yet, how many time has he wishes that he could grab that sharp knife, glittering invitingly under the florescent light, and stab it across their pounding heart. Make it stop. Make them no longer able to hurt him. He can't. He is too dependent on them. That's why he has hated them strongly with all of his heart.

    He know who he is. Among all those forgotten, and powerless people. Who has to bow down to them, in order to make living. In order to breathe this air and not feeling suffocated by the suffering that this life has granted to him. He was born among the bushes, left out like a thrash, then this monster pick him up, and this monster now become his master. He has to serve, no question asked. He owed them that much, and they never will let him forget that.

    He met her that day. She was so beautiful. He looked at himself, hideously dirty and smelly, all sweaty and greasy. She looked at him, not with the same disgusting eyes that those monster always look at him, but with pity in her eyes. He could swear that there's a precious stone in her eyes, glittering under the light, and fade away with a line of silvery liquid, running down her cheek. Is it tears that he seen? She cried for him. He felt strongly towards her, even by that simple gesture. He swear, he would protect her from the monster. Even though it would kill him. Then the monster dragged her away. The moment they share are lost, but he promise to himself, that he would see her again. He was so sure about it, as sure as he, that the sun would rise to shine this forsaken land, when morning come again.


    www.tips-fb.com Thru My Window

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    We need each other :)


    Friday, November 13, 2009
    Hehe.. ini  lah dia barangan yang baru ku beli di Avon semalam. Arini dah test pakai, kesimpulannyer... memang best, terasa badan kemas di pegang.

    Sebenarnyer arituh dah pegi ke Avon Kilang Lama tu, memang niat nak beli.. tambahan si Adlina (my officemate) memang ahli Avon, so leh dapat murah (discount 20%). So masa pergi tu, tanyelah adik yang jaga tuh, memula ku minta saiz L, tapi adik tu beria-ia cakap yang badan kecik macam dia pun pakai L, so aku kena pakai XL. so xperlah, aku cuba saiz XL, untuk vest corset diyer. Alamak, memang sedap, tapi ku pakai kancing paling dalam, yang ketiga. Err.. dalam hati, bukan ke pakai corset memang kena bagi ketat. so xperlah.

    Pastu ukur saiz pinggang dan pinggul, ikut pengiraan, girdle pun kena amek saiz L, tapi adik tu lagi sekali beria2 suruh aku amek saiz XL juge. Girdle nie bukan nyer bleh try, so kalo silap beli, ke xpasal2 rugi duit aku xleh pakai. So aku xjadi amek lagi, ingat nak balik buat research dolu.

    So lepas ku google dan baca forum, (xbanyak info pasal pemilihan saiz Aura Shape ni kat internet) so aku amek info yang general, memanh people selalunya amek one size lower, kan kater nak slimming, Minah Salleh dolu2 pun (tengok citer pirate of caribbean) pakai corset ketat gile sampai takleh nafas, so aku nekad nak amek corset and girdle saiz L, laeipun actually badan aku nie bukannye besar sangat.

    Itulah, semalam pegi kat outlet Kilang Lama tu, adik tuh terus bawakan saiz XL untukku. Aku katalah, saya nak saiz L yer. Pastu dia tengok ku semacam jer. Erm.. lantaklah, duit aku, aku bayar, ikut suker akulah.

    So arinie aku try pakai, siap pakai kat kancing ke 3 tu, paling dalam, corset, sangat mantap dan selesa, body pun nampak cantik jer. Girdle lak, ngam2 lah, laeikan fabrik dia strechable. :) so rupanyer aku membuat pilihan yang betul. Nasib baik xikut cakap adik tu. Dah le muka kurang senyum... hurm...

    Hehe, tapi aku beli corset dan girdle jer.. sebab bra dia xder saiz aku... hahhaaakss.. nak wat camner.. dah mantap kata kan.. :P

    www.tips-fb.com Blood

    Thursday, November 12, 2009
    Today, the office is quiet. All the permanent staff went for a Team-Building Session  for three days and one night in Bukit Merah. As for us, the fellow contractors, working under them, we stayed behind, because now that we are growing in number, M***s says that they could no longer afford to bring us along. Not that I give a damn bout it anyway.

    Today also, our neighbour in KHTP are organizing Blood Donation Drive, same as last year. And same as last year also, I went there with Mak Long , Shaq, Kim, Fahim, and a few more of my fellow colleague here. The one who were very excited to donate blood are of course Maklong and myself. We are the first from the office to go there for that reason. After having taken blood sugar level, blood pressure, Hemoglobin count, at the last stage, maklong and I are the one who failed the test and cannot proceed to donate blood. Maklong because having high blood pressure, and for me of course, having a low blood pressure. Being a bit frustrated, I undergo four times to check the blood pressure (rest, eat, drink, try again), but has to admit that this time, I just could not passed the test. Oh well, maybe today not my day. But that what weird about it, recently I always found that my heart (pulse rate) has been a bit high. I always can feel the heart pumping blood harshly, but still, having low blood pressure.. hurm...

    However, I got to eat free food (meehoon goreng and tea). :)

    And I buy a toy (robot), actually its free when register credit card, but we bought it for rm8. Poor that sales person, no credit card registration but still the robots "kena" sold out.. hehe

    During lunch hour, Unid and I went to Avon. I dont really like the service from Avon outlet in Kilang Lama, and prefer the one in Kulim, but I end up buying things from outlet in Kilang Lama, because Kulim Outlet doesnt has credit card service, and I dont have cash with me. (nowadays, cash is very2 important).

    Tomorrow, my darls gonna be here, and we going to watch "2012" . I already bought the ticket. Unfortunately, he has to go back to KL on Saturday because on Sunday, he has to go to Singapore.

    Well... jus another one month to wait for :)

    www.tips-fb.com Bicara

    Friday, November 06, 2009
    Bila mulut petah berbicara, ayat dilontar bertalu-talu umpama peluru buta, hasilnya, belum tentu tembakan mengena. Itu lah jadahnya, jika pandai bercakap sahaja. Perlu juga sedar, betul kah apa yang diutara? Adakah si pendengar mendengar dengan diam sebab menyetujui kita, atau diam kerana melihat kita memperbodohkan diri sendiri.

    Sudahlah, kadang-kala, lebih baik berdiam sahaja. Jangan anggap kau lah makhluk terpandai di dunia.

    www.tips-fb.com How to jump start your car properly

    Thursday, November 05, 2009

    Safe Battery Jump Start Procedure

    If a battery is dead or too low to crank the engine, you can jump start it using a pair of jumper cables to connect the low/dead battery to a good battery in another vehicle.

    Pull the other vehicle as close as possible to the one with the dead/low battery, but DO NOT allow the vehicles to touch. Open the hood on both vehicles, and shut OFF the engine in the other vehicle.

    Jumper cables are color coded, RED for POSITIVE (+) and BLACK for NEGATIVE (-). DO NOT mix up the cables or allow the metal ends to touch together because this may damage the battery, charging system and/or electronics on a vehicle.

    To jump start the battery, proceed as follows:

    1. Connect one end of the RED jumper cable to the POSITIVE (+)post on the dead battery. The POSITIVE battery post will be slightly larger than the NEGATIVE post, and will be marked with a PLUS (+) sign. There may also be a RED plastic protective cover over the positive bttery post.

    2. Connect the other end of the RED jumper cable to the POSITIVE (+) post on the good battery.

    3. Connect one end of the BLACK jumper cable to the NEGATIVE (-) post on the good battery.

    4. Connect the other end of the BLACK jumper cable to a heavy metal ground on the engine or frame of the vehicle with the dead battery. DO NOT make the final jumper connection to the NEGATIVE (-) post on the battery itself because it usually sparks and may ignite hydrogen fumes in the dead battery causing it to explode.

    NOTE: On some vehicles the battery is not easily accessible (because it is located inside a fender panel, trunk, etc.), so there may be special jumper connections in the engine compartment for jump starting the vehicle.

    CAUTION: DO NOT lean directly over the battery while making jumper connections (in case of explosion).

    5. Start the vehicle with the good battery, and run the engine at a fast idle (1200 to 1500 rpm)for a couple of minutes. This will help charge up the low battery and make starting easier.

    6. Now you can start the vehicle with the dead battery. If it does not crank or cranks very slowly, wiggle the jumper connections to make sure they are making good contact. Then try again. The engine should start if there are no other problems (such as a bad starter or ignition circuit problem).

    7. As soon as the engine starts, disconnect both jumper cables. Do not allow the metal ends of the jumper cables to touch each other or the RED cables to touch anything metal on either car.

    8. Keep the engine running 20 to 30 minutes, or drive the car to recharge the battery. During this time, leave the lights, heater, A/C and other electrical accessories off so all of the charging system's output can go into the battery.

    NOTE: If the engine dies shortly after it has been jump started, or as soon as the jumper cables are disconnected, it probably means the charging system is not working (bad alternator, voltage regulator, wiring problem or loose/dirty battery cables).

    If the vehicle runs okay and the battery charges up, you should clean and tighten both battery cables after shutting the engine off. The battery and charging system should also be tested to make sure both are working properly.

    Source from AA1Car.com

    www.tips-fb.com Feel [Robbie Williams]

    Tuesday, November 03, 2009
    Come on hold my hand
    I wanna contact the living
    Not sure I understand
    This role I've been given

    I sit and talk to God
    And he just laughs at my plans
    My head speaks a language
    I don't understand

    I just wanna feel real love
    Feel the home that I live in
    'Cause I got too much life
    Running through my veins, going to waste

    I don't wanna die
    But I ain't keen on living either
    Before I fall in love
    I'm preparing to leave her

    I scare myself to death
    That's why I keep on running
    Before I've arrived
    I can see myself coming

    I just wanna feel real love
    Feel the home that I live in
    'Cause I got too much life
    Running through my veins, going to waste

    And I need to feel
    Real love
    And a life ever after
    I cannot give it up

    I just wanna feel real love
    Feel the home that I live in
    I got too much love
    Running through my veins, to go to waste

    I just wanna feel real love
    In a life ever after, there's a hole in my soul
    You can see it in my face
    It's a real big place

    Come and hold my hand
    I want to contact the living
    Not sure I understand
    This role I've been given

    Not sure I understand
    Not sure I understand
    Not sure I understand
    Not sure I understand