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  • www.tips-fb.com Streamyx No More

    Thursday, August 27, 2009
    After two years of subscibing streamyx, I finally can terminate the service. Thank God.

    The reason why I don't want to use it anymore, simply because, I wanna ease my financial burden. Now can deduct RM100 for my monthly bill. :D

    www.tips-fb.com Updates

    Sunday, August 16, 2009
    Sorry that I haven't been updating the progress of SIY. After the accident, I was having a high fever, and my body is weak for a few days that I stop taking SIY for three days.

    Today, finally I have finish the first box of SIY and my weight now maintain at 57kg. I didn't loss any kilos but ain't gaining it either. My eating habits is as usual (still taking one serve of rice during lunch and dinner). Even I stop taking for three days, my weight is still 57kg.

    Tomorrow, I will start on the second box. Hope to see a positive results.

    www.tips-fb.com Just a Note

    It was an understatement, if I said that I truly regret what happen. I am awfully sorry that sometimes I'm such an ignorance ass that was incapable of diplomatic, despite living in compromy and always trying to be liberal and not being too judgemental. Afterall, I am human [really hate that words... juz human], who are bound of making repeated mistakes and only would realize after I've done it.

    Yes, you could hate me. I really don't mind to be hated, even if people ignore me completely, as long as there's some one [ one people is all I need], that I know, whatever happen to me, no matter how ugly I behave, would still love me so, unconditionally. I am blessed in a way, even me myself, sometimes don't understand.

    I would like to say that no matter what happen, there's always rainbow after the rain, but that would be too positive of me. Honestly, I am such a negative person that sometimes, positive thing really make me sick. I am happy being miserable, do you understand me?? I am HAPPY being MISERABLE...

    I miss being in KL. I really wanted to go back there. I miss my friends. I miss the trafic jam, I miss the neon lights, I miss the expensive foods. I really hate living here, but I do amaze me, how patience I am enduring the situation. And I have to wait, not much longer, to be back where I think I belong.

    www.tips-fb.com Lie to me

    Sunday, August 09, 2009
    I do wish sometime people would lie to me.. and tell me what a wonderful and great person I am!

    www.tips-fb.com Strange

    wasn't it,
    when you say you care,
    but you ignore it?

    I would say again,
    why such harden heart,
    when you say it was full of love

    Yes, I would say it strange,
    now I wonder,
    how strange it is for me,
    even to write this....

    www.tips-fb.com Poor Atos

    Saturday, August 08, 2009

    www.tips-fb.com SIY Progress

    Friday, August 07, 2009
    I promised earlier to post the update on my daily consumption on SIY. Today is my fourth day on SIY, so far I could say that I am very positive about SIY. Its good, but still really early to say.
    Oh ya, my weight before taking SIY is 60kg.

    Day 1 (starts on 4 Aug 2009 by consuming SIY nite the nite before)

    Breakfast: 1 slice of papaya

    Lunch: Rice, 1 piece chicken, 2 scoops long beans, 2 pieces of salted fish, 3 pieces of ladies finger, 1 slice of papaya

    Dinner: (taken before 8pm) 1 piece of bread with planta

    Water Intake : ~2500ml

    Excersise : 30 mins walk in Mengkuang Dam (not jog ya.. I juz walk)

    Weight (Morning) : 59kg
    Weight (Night) : 59 kg

    Day 2 (5 Aug 2009)

    Breakfast: 1 piece of bread with planta

    Lunch: Rice, Grill Fish

    Dinner: didn't take any dinner because of accident, I lost my appetite

    Water Intake : ~3000ml

    Excersise :1 game of badminton

    Weight (Morning) : 58kg
    Weight (Night) : 58 kg

    Day 3 (6 Aug 2009)

    Breakfast: (late breakfast at 10am because when to clinic) 1 nasi lemak, 1 hot plain milo

    Lunch: 1 piece of bread

    Dinner: TCRS Honey BBQ Chicken Noodle (dry), lime with sour plum

    Water Intake : ~1000ml (I didn't drink much water because I slept a lot after taking medicine)

    Excersise :No excersice (that nite go watch movie at cinema)

    Weight (Morning) : 57kg
    Weight (Night) : 57.5 kg

    That is what I have so far. Today wake up and weight myself, my current weight is now 57.5 kg.
    Will try to drink a lot of water and then weight myself again before going to bed.

    So far, I have lost 2.5kg. Unbelievable... believe it. Before this, I also went to Keep Slim, I do lost around 1-3kg on each session, but quickly gain it back after I completed the session, I hope SIY will continue to work its wonders. Oh yes, I'll try watch my diet, and the thing I like about SIY, its doesn't make me diarrhea, I do my business every morning, and it do keep the hunger away. (I do finish all my food tho)

    I'll update again later. :)

    www.tips-fb.com A very2x bad day!!

    Wednesday, August 05, 2009
    Today can be consider the worst day in my life. I left my HP at home. After work, rain pour down heavily. And I got badminton tournament. Later, I got into car, start the engine, waiting for my fren to go together to the badminton court in Sirim, suddenly my car engine stop. I try to restart the engine but it won't start. Because I left my HP, I go back inside Mimos, and borrow Fazreil phone to call Unid. She came pick me up and we played badminton. We lost and one player hit the shuttle cock rite to my eyes.. (ouch!!!)

    Then before going home, I asked unid to check my car first to see if I could start it up. Owh, then I realized that I never pull back the gear to N position, no wonder I can't start the car (before my engine dead, I already put gear D and lower my handbreak) so yay... I can drive Atos home!!

    On the way back, i did feel a bit blur and weird. Actually I have the feeling before the badminton game start, but i dismiss it maybe because I worry that Atos wouldn't start. I was driving like usual.. around 80km/h.. it was still raining, but not heavily. Then there's a water pool on the road, I didn't expected it to be deep, next thing I know, I lost control of the car, the car swerve, hit the road side and the next thing I know, I was sitting upside down in the car. First thing come to my mind, please dont explode!

    Then somebody knock on my car window, trying to open the door, i unlock the door, while they trying to open the door which appear to be stuck, I release my seatbelt, and quickly get out of the car as soon as they open the door. I check my self, I didn't feel any pain. The people around me keep asking me, are you okay? do you need to go to hospital? I said.. I'm fine..I'm fine really I'm fine. Now what should I do?

    I look at Atos.. oh dear!! all dented and the mirror is broken to pieces, the side mirror is broken, the tyre flat... and Thank God, I'm Okay, with no injury (as far as I could feel at that time, no blood also..thats good)

    I try call my fiancee but his HP is off. (luckily, unid follow my car, then she stop to help, thats y I could used her phone). Then I asked unid to call the police. After that Unid called Fairus and Irfan. They came and assist us until I make a police report. (Thanks Guys!!) The tow trunk people, the come without having to call.. haha..so fast also.. not even 5 minutes after the incident/ accident. But its okay, they said they can settle everything.

    After making the police report, Unid and I went home. I started to feel the bruises on my hip and a bit pain in stomach. After taking bath, here I am .. writing this blog, trying to digest what just happen to me. I never imagine this could happen to me. I am feeling a bit shocked. I wonder how I could be so calm and even find it exciting when first got involved in accident. Now I feel scared, It could have turn out worst, if the road didn't have the trees to block my car from going to the opposite lane, or I could hit another car and make matter worst. and this really make me realize the important of seatbelt, If I am not wearing any seatbelt, thing could get far worst. I could feel the seatbelt hold me tightly, and firmly attach to the car seat, even when the car overturn.

    altho today is quite unlucky, I do feel I am lucky, atleast to still breathing, and got out of the accident without a scratch.

    Still couldn't contact my fiancee.. I do wish to talk to him badly :(

    www.tips-fb.com Funny!!

    Quote from Alice in Wonderland

    “To begin with,” said the Cat, “a dog’s not mad. Do you grant that?”
    “I suppose so,” said Alice.
    “Well, then,” the Cat went on, “you see a dog growls when it’s angry, and wags it’s tail when it’s pleased. Now I growl when I’m pleased, and wag my tail when I’m angry. Therefore I’m mad.”

    www.tips-fb.com What a blast!!

    Tuesday, August 04, 2009
    last weekend was a blast. I really enjoyed myself, me and my darling went for shopping (window shopping most likely) in QBMall and I found the ring that I think quite nice, and he also finally found a shop that can make his custom made wedding ring. It's been a while since we go dating, and I really missed it.
    On Sunday, me, my darling along with my brother and my nephew went fishing. It was my borther idea. The place was very nice. We do caught a big fish but one of my catch slip away because my fishing line broke. Must be a big fish I guess. Apart from getting the fish, I also got myself a nasty sunburn on my hand. Damn it feel so pain. Imagine staying wide open in the sun for hours. Luckily that I didn't burn my face :D.

    Oh yeah, on Monday, I already received my parcel. I purchase a S.I.Y product. Just wanna give it a try. From what I read from other people testimonial, it is good. People manage to lose their weight and atleast feel they are becoming more healthy. Today is my first day on SIY, I haven't felt much different, but it is too early to say.

    Oh btw, the taste of SIY is really thick. I start with the nite juice last nite, a bit bitter in taste, could taste the thick taste of berries. And this morning, after breakfast, I take the day juice, much2x more thicker than the nite juice and it has a very thick and heavy taste of prune juice. If you've try Brand's InnerShine prune extract before, it taste more less like that, but 3-5 times thicker. Frankly, the taste not too bad after all.

    I will write my progress here, daily, we will see if the SIY product are as good as its reputation.

    All the best of luck to me (in losing weight) :P