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    Friday, July 06, 2007
    Freedom, one word that describes everything that we want and we need in life. There's a famous quote in BraveHeart Movie, star by Mel Gibson "They may take away our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!" . That is how much a freedom means to someone. What's the point of being alive but then cage in or being a slave and are forbid to do what we want most.

    I am not a very patriotic person, but when it come to evaluating what I have in life, I really feel blessed and lucky enough to be born in an independence country where I could enjoy the freedom that I want. Yes, I have to admit, to have a total freedom without any limit is IMPOSIBBLE. It will mean breaking the law and rules and also sometime the nature of how things a suppose to be.

    I look at my own life, what kind of freedom that I have. Not in the sense of a bigger scope but what I have to go thru daily in my life.

    - I have the freedom to make friend no matter what gender or races they are
    - I have the freedom to say Yes or No and no one can force me otherwise
    - I have the freedom to make my own decision
    - Most importantly, I am free to be me
    - I am free of War
    - I am free of fatal/contagious disease
    - I am free of fear especially fear for my life

    There are a lot of things I would list down to define how I embrace the freedom, but it would only conclude one thing, I may not be a politician, there maybe a lot of things I wish the government would handle better, and there may be a lot of disagreement of how I see things are being handle, but by the end of the day, I know that, the freedom we have here is something we should appreciate. There are a lot of people out there that were hoping to be in our shoes, but we are the lucky one that was chosen to be us. And I embrace that!

    www.tips-fb.com Transformers and a pair of sun-glasses

    Monday, July 02, 2007
    What is the relevan between a pair of sun glasses and the Transfomers Movie? Well, its my weeken of course!

    Like many other Saturday, I wake up at 8++ am and prepared the food for my cats. I already bought a transformer's ticket the other day, so I was going to see the movie at 12pm... alone.. but its okay, I dun mind watching the movie I like alone..

    When I arrive at the cinema, the place already packed with people and the queue line is so LONG, lucky I bought mine earlier and juz gonna collect it at the kiosk machine. So, after the movie, this is what I have to say:

    At the beginning of the movie, the scene is for me a good opening, we have the Decepticon breach the Qatar base to get the information that they need to get to the Allspark and Megatron(their leader), follow up by a scene where Sam Witwicky, the grandson of Captain Witwicky who first found megatron during his adventure to explore the artic circle, wanna buy his first car. Then the scene quite funny when the car actually kick the car saler butt because he refused to sell the car at 4 grand, but then settle for the price after the explosing glass breaking incident, then sam chasing his car (bumble bee) with her mom bicycle and also the scene when Sam is running away from bumble bee and meet Mikaela, (The HOT Megan Fox, I do admit, she's really HOT)..

    When Optimus and the other autobot landed after being signal by bumble bee and then take the form of expensive car, except for Optimus Prime, he is a trailer, but a really nice trailer.. it still cool, and I like the scene when one of the autobot raised up by the pool with the little girl near it, it is breath taking..

    But then after the introduction and a brief story about their purpose and objective, which is getting the Captain Witwicky specs and discover the latitude of Allspark location( known as The CUBE), the story is a bit slow. I dont understand two part of the story, one is when the translator, cant even remember her name, stole the info from the national security and ask her fren to hack it, he easily got the message which is the project iceman, but the story end there, after the sect 7 busted them, then nothing. The info juz died, so what the purpose of having to discover the code??

    And also, the autobots clearly make it their priority to retrieve the specs. But once Sam finally found the specs, the sect 7 come and bust them. And the autobots take so long to rescue them, once rescue, never ask about the specs. Not until accidently , sam drop the specs when he was trying to save bumble bee and being apprehended again by sect 7. Then Optimus go and get the specs.

    The fighting scene is way cool, especially when the military guy shoot down the decepticon on a bike stunt, and when Mikaela drive the trunk and let bumble bee shoot. But the scene when Optimus fighting Megatron is too brief. I wish it could be longer...

    The first part- wow (especially when the decepticon (the scorpion like) attack the survivor of Qatar in the desert)

    The Middle Part - why is so slow... take the specs!!please!!... when are you going to spill the info, argh!!!.... too slow...

    The Ending.. I like the fighting scene.. why sect 7 so stupid!!!

    So.. thats should conclude all, watch again?? Maybe.. I gave it 3 star and a half.

    Eagerly awaiting the greatest movie this year.. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.. gonna reread the book before the movie this 11 July!

    Ahh.. and the sun glasses, On sunday, I went to Mines wif K liza , actually I wanna buy contact lens, same as K liza, but then I also bought myself a sunglasses. A polarised sun glass that I really need especially on day-driving. I frequently got migrain lately.

    So there goes my weeken. Conclusion.. I am so happy to buy treat for myself!! Now I am more comfortable with my daily life.. hope nothing would ruin it :D