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    Friday, June 29, 2007
    Yea.. I still on to Billing, last time I tot I already being pull out from the Billing Project but to my disappoinment, I am Back! Hehe.. ;P

    On last Wednesday, I already upload the latest Billing Function and Fixes to the Reporting Server, but yesterday, Sharlene coem back to me with a few more changes she need me to do. Oh God.. and I tot I am already free as bird. This is what I do today, a Context Menu to be display when the user right click the list in the List View. A snippet of the code I use:

    private void listView2_MouseClick(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
    ContextMenu contextMenuStrip1 = new ContextMenu();
    MenuItem menuItem1 = new MenuItem();
    menuItem1.Click += new System.EventHandler(this.menuItem1_Click);
    contextMenuStrip1.MenuItems.AddRange(new MenuItem[] { menuItem1 });
    menuItem1.Index = 0;
    menuItem1.Text = "Some Menu Here";

    if (e.Button == MouseButtons.Right)
    contextMenuStrip1.Show(listView2, e.Location);

    private void menuItem1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    //soem code I write here

    Hurm, there is still some issue on one of the changes she ask me to do. Juz hope I'll finally figure it out how to handle that. Oh my... back to work!

    www.tips-fb.com Nokia N73 Music Edition

    At last, I finally bought myself a new phone. After using Nokia 6030 for a 1 year plus and it still working perfectly (dats y it is never across my mind to change a new one), finally, I think its time to change because I need a phone with multiple functions to suite my current lifestyle right now. And I choose a Nokia N73ME. First, because it is a music phone, Second, because the camera is 3.2 megapixels and using the Carl Zeiss Optic Lens and lastly because it is easier for me to connect to the internet on the GO using the 3G or GPRS. I thought of using a Data Card for the internet connection but it seem that using data card always cause a lot of problem to my laptop.

    So here are the features for this cute baby of mine:-

    A generous 2GB mini-SD card capable of storing up to 1500 songs and a new music interface are at the core of Nokia's upgrade of the N73, the N73 Music Edition. The handset is the same in all other areas including 3G support, a large and clear display and a 3.2 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss Lens combining to make it an attractive, all purpose media device.

    The N73 Music Edition is equipped with plenty of connectivity options, but doesn't include Wi-Fi. It still supports Bluetooth, infrared, and USB 2.0 however, and Nokia includes a USB cable in the sales package. There is also an excellent Web browser that has the ability to scroll through each page with a feature called 'page overview'. This view shows a full Web page shrunk to fit the screen and a selection box is used to navigate to the part of the page you want to view in more detail.

    Email is also included with SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3 clients supported. Email attachments can be downloaded and saved to the N73 Music Edition's mini-SD card or to the 42MB of internal memory. The mini-SD card slot is cleverly located at the bottom of the handset. There is also regular MMS and SMS messaging with T9 predictive text input, but the poorly designed keyboard will affect messaging speeds (has to admit that, it kinda hard to type in message, lucky my fingers not TOO BIG).

    The N73 Music Edition conveniently includes an adapter to plug in a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, which is handy, because it will be easier to plug in any standard headset device. There is a digital music player with stereo audio supporting MP3, AAC, M4A, eAAC+ and WMA files. The device also includes RealPlayer, so playing full screen videos in MPEG-4 format is possible. Best of all, the N73 Music Edition is a USB mass storage device so files can simply be dragged and dropped onto the phone without using Nokia software. A stereo FM radio with 20 preset stations is also included, with all multimedia functions controlled through a stylish media menu.

    Running on the Symbian 9.1 operating system, the N73 Music Edition has a full array of smart phone applications, including Quickoffice Word, PowerPoint and Excel document viewers, a host of PIM features (calendar, contacts, to-do list, notes, recorder, calculator, clock and converter) and both voice recording and dialing. But the speed on switching from one application to another is kinda slow. Start-up time is also a little slow.

    The N73 Music Edition's 3.2 megapixel camera features a Carl Zeiss lens, 20x digital zoom, a flash with red-eye reduction and autofocus, so it's one of the best camera phones on the market in terms of features. While the photos it captures still don't compare to a good compact digital camera, they are very good for a camera phone.

    Capturing images at up to 2048 x 1536 pixels, the N73 Music Edition's colour reproduction is excellent. It also has a solid list of settings including close-up and portrait scene modes, the ability to adjust white balance, colour tone settings, and light sensitivity (ISO). For editing photos and other images, Nokia includes a copy of Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition 3.0 in the N73 Music Edition sales package.

    A dedicated camera shutter button and zoom keys are easily accessible when the phone is flipped horizontally, so the camera experience is much like that of a stand alone digital camera. It also has a 20x digital zoom. Video recording is also available; up to 1.5 hours of video in MP4 and 3GP formats can be stored. Videos are captured in 352 x 288 resolution at up to 15fps and feature automatic white balance control and up to 8x digital zoom. There is a second, integrated VGA camera on the front with 2x digital zoom. This second camera can be used for both video calling over a 3G network or for taking portrait photos.

    One of the most compelling features of the N73 Music Edition is the high quality, 2.4-inch colour display. The screen is capable of 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA) and can display up to 262,144 colours. It has a great viewing angle and is clearly visible in a variety of lighting conditions. The display is ideal for use as a viewfinder with the phone's camera and also stands out for Web browsing. It is capable of displaying all 12 menu items on one screen, so scrolling in the main menu is eliminated. The N73 Music Edition display also features an ambient light detector which is used to optimise display brightness and power consumption. This feature automatically adjusts the screen and keypad backlight depending on the conditions.

    Measuring 110mm x 49mm x 19mm, the N73 Music Edition isn't the smallest phone on the market, but it weighs just 116g. The metallic plastic surrounding the keypad and controls gives the unit a touch of class, but the major setback of the N73 Music Edition is its keypad; it is very small and is squashed into the bottom half of the phone. The keys themselves are flat, so typing messages is quite difficult. Above the keypad is a more pleasing five-way joystick, two selection buttons and answer and end call keys. There are also buttons for menu, clear, edit and multimedia that surround the keypad.

    According to Nokia the N73 Music Edition is rated at up to 226 minutes of talk time and up to 370 hours of standby time using a 3G network. These figures are very good, and we found they were quite close to the mark - on average we had to charge the unit every three days. Using a 2.5G network with handset, the figures will change to 20 minutes extra talk time, but 20 minutes less of standby time.

    www.tips-fb.com My One

    Monday, June 25, 2007
    He is my one,
    my only one,
    even when mere worst come cross to mind,
    my heart would shattered and be broken.

    I am so hunted,
    bounded to the miserable past,
    these flashes of uncertain future,
    to have him not with me,
    will only left me,
    a body without it soul..

    To survive the worse,
    I doubt I could,
    coz with him,
    he carries not my love,
    but also my life, my soul.

    Please let him be with me,
    don't let anyone drove us apart,
    to bear the worse is nothing i am capable,
    b'cause our bond so strong,
    once its broken,
    and I'll be alone,
    and I'll be dead...

    Forgive my sins,
    and let not punish me,
    by taking him away from me,
    because I rather be dead,
    than be all miserable without him...

    I love him,
    more than love itself could ever imagine!!!

    www.tips-fb.com Unfaithful- Rihanna

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Story of my life
    Searching for the right
    But it keeps avoiding me
    Sorrow in my soul
    'cause it seems that wrong
    really loves my company

    He's more than a man
    and this is more than love
    the reason that this guy is blue
    the clouds are rolling in
    because I'm gone again
    and to him I just can't be true

    and I know that he knows I'm unfaithful
    and it kills him inside
    to know that I am happy with some other guy
    I can see him dying

    I don't wanna do this anymore
    I don't wanna be the reason why
    Every time I walk out the door
    I see him die a little more inside
    I don't wanna hurt him anymore
    I don't wanna take away his life
    I don't wanna be...
    a murderer

    I feel it in the air
    as I'm doing my hair
    preparing for another day
    A kiss up on my cheek
    He's here reluctantly
    as if I'm gonna be out late
    I say I won't be long
    Just hanging with the girls
    A lie didn't have to tell

    Because we both know
    where I'm about to go
    and we know it very well

    'Cause I know that he knows I'm unfaithful
    and it kills him inside
    to know that I am happy with some other guy
    I can see him dying

    I don't wanna do this anymore
    I don't wanna be the reason why
    Every time I walk out the door
    I see him die a little more inside
    I don't wanna hurt him anymore
    I don't wanna take away his life
    I don't wanna be...
    a murderer

    Our Love, His Trust
    I might as well take a gun and put it to his head
    Get it over with
    I don't wanna do this
    Anymore (anymore)

    I don't wanna do this anymore
    I don't wanna be the reason why
    Every time I walk out the door
    I see him die a little more inside
    I don't wanna hurt him anymore
    I don't wanna take away his life
    I don't wanna be...
    a murderer (a murderer)

    No no no no

    Yeah yeah yeah

    And all people out there.. STAY FAITHFUL ya' ..U dun wan Karma to came back and bites u ;)

    www.tips-fb.com Utter Nonsense ...

    Thursday, June 14, 2007
    Why do I spent my precious time doing this rubbish, for no reason at all. Juz wanna act stupid for this time being.. hehe..

    PJ Frog’s Birthday
    PJ frog opened his eyes to the bright sun of a new day. He
    stretched out his long legs and stuck out his tongue to taste the morning
    air. PJ hopped out of his bed onto the green, dew soaked leaves and raced
    to his mom’s nest nearby.
    “Wake up, mommy, wake up,” PJ shouted with
    “Good morning, my baby boy”, his mom said. PJ yelled, “Do
    you know what today is?”
    His mom teased, “No, what is today?”
    Birthday”, exclaimed PJ. “I’m 5 years old today.”
    “Oh,” mom said, “Is
    it your birthday TODAY?”
    “Mom, you remember, don’t you?” said PJ.
    course I do. It’s my favorite day of the year,” mom said. She pulled out a
    big box with a bright red bow.
    “Happy Birthday, PJ!”

    Pj Katak harilahir
    PJ katak buka dia mata kepada terang matahari untuk baru hari. Dia regangkan keluar dia panjang kaki dan terlekat keluar lidah untuk rasa pagi udara. PJ lompat keluar dia katil ke atas kehijauan, embun basah daun dan berlumba kepada dia mak sarang berhampiran.

    "Bangun, mak, bangun!" PJ jerit dengan teruja.
    "Bagus pagi, aku bayi budak" dia mak cakap.
    PJ jerit"Buat awak tahu apa hari ini ialah? aku harilahir!" Jerit PJ.
    "aku lima tahun tua hari ini"
    "Oh" mak kata "ialah ia kamu harilahir hari ini?"
    "mak, kamu ingat, tidakkah kamu" kata PJ.
    "Dari kursus aku buat. Ialah aku kegemaran hari untuk tahun" mak cakap.
    Dia menarik keluar satu besar kotak dengan terang merah reben.
    "Gembira Hari lahir, PJ"

    haha..yess..utter nonsense thats what it is. Have u guys ever buy a pirated CD and found that the Malay translation is rubbish. Sometimes even the English is bad. Maybe they translate it one by one as what I have done.

    Have a nice day (Ada satu bagus hari! :P)

    www.tips-fb.com Liberisme

    Wednesday, June 13, 2007
    One sentence..

    People always admit of having a liberal thinking to justified their own sins.

    www.tips-fb.com Happy Father's Day ??

    This is something I read on the news.

    “I DON’T care if the police want to press charges against my son. I will still go ahead and sue them.”

    So said Ishak Tulus, whose son, 20-year-old Hairul Anuar, was allegedly beaten up by cops after the youth tried to escape a police roadblock at Pesiaran Kayangan, Shah Alam, on June 3.

    The 54-year-old businessman said he wasn’t concerned that the police planned to charge his son for reckless driving.

    “I’m not worried over the police’s plans to charge my son. I am also seeking legal redress against the policemen who hurt my son.

    “I have already appointed a lawyer for the case,” he said.

    Ishak was responding to a statement by Shah Alam police chief Assistant Commissioner Noor Azam Jamaludin that Hairul would be charged under under Section 43 of the Road Transport Act for driving recklessly.

    If found guilty, Hairul is liable to a fine not exceeding RM2,000 or to a jail term not exceeding six months.

    On June 11, The Malay Mail quoted Noor Azam as denying that police had used excessive force on Hairul.

    Hairul , he said, was speeding and in his bid to escape the roadblock, hit a policeman trying to stop him.

    He also made an illegal U-turn on a dual-lane one-way road.

    “There would not have been any time to beat him up as we were helping our man. There were members of the public there helping him.

    “It would have been impossible for us to beat him in front of the public,” Noor Azam was quoted as saying.

    In the 2am incident, Hairul, from Kampung Sungai Serdang, was heading towards Section 24, Shah Alam, when he encountered a police roadblock.

    As he did not have a driving licence, he made an illegal U-turn.

    A policeman near him tried to stop him. However, Hairul claimed he then lost control of his bike and rammed into a policeman.

    Both were admitted to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital.

    It is learnt that the policeman sustained a fractured leg while Hairul suffered a fractured neck.

    Yesterday, Ishak said he had to spend RM2,500 on his son’s neck brace.

    “Imagine having to sleep with pieces of metal embedded in your neck. I’ve been told that it will take him at least three months to recover.

    “I have spent a lot of time, money and energy looking after my son while the cops who hurt him are still out there,” he said.

    How a father love would do anything for his son, that is including protecting him from the law plus blaming everyone else except his son. Just think.. he has power, he has MONIES, and he has a very spoiled child who knows he will always be protected no matter what.

    Think..think again!! Enuff said....

    www.tips-fb.com Bowling Game

    Thursday, June 07, 2007
    Last nite was our very first B2BE Sport Day. Actually we are suppose to go and play badminton but unfortunately all courts are booked out, and it is a long-term booking agreement. Huh.. wat to do. Instead of having it cancels like so many plan that we have cancel before this, we went for bowling instead and it was fun. I team up with Keng Wai, Kian Loong, and Ti Kean with the name :Nothing To Lose: it is the best thing that Kian Loong can came up with :D, and the other team : The Incomplete: also a courtesy from Kian Loong because at first their team player Jane has to go home early because she has something else to do and KK still hasn't arrive yet ( once he arrive he doesn't even play anyway) consist of Ronnie, Farah and Kit Lim where Ronnie and Kit Lim take turn to play on behalf of KK. The final score is 411 to 363, yes we won but my own score, juz keep it as a secret. Hehe..

    Then there was a misunderstanding at the counter when we going to pay for the game. Earlier, I already asked whether we could take a RM72 package of 20 games for 10 players and also free shoe rental, and the earlier cashier say yes we could. Then this cashier refuse by saying that we have to make an earlier booking then we could be eligible for that and demand we pay RM 4.50 for per game (which will total up to RM90) , the thing is we already pay the deposit of RM50 for the so-called package. But Ronnie stands out and fight for us to pay juz rm72, we end up paying RM76, an extra RM4 for 2 pair of socks. :D

    Kian Loong and KK then when for pool where the rest of us headed to Old Town KopiTiam for dinner. I was darn hungry at that time. After dinner we went back home and I realize I forget to buy fish for my cats, pity Bhutan and Kona, they have to eat the wet pack food for their dinner. I do some of the translation my fren ask me to help her with until 1am then ZZZZZZZZZ.

    Yesterday nite I was in the Neutral Zone and it feels just nice. ;)

    www.tips-fb.com Something Different

    Wednesday, June 06, 2007
    Today I feel utterly weird. Must be something I read today. I am so easily being drag into whatever I read and sometimes it destroy my emotion. Does it make me different? Crazy maybe?

    I'm stuck! I feel like I am trap somewhere inside myself. I am not able to be a good person, but my consious mind wouldn't let me be bad. I know, I know, I kept so many secrets in my life. I have abundance stock of guilt and grief inside of me. Sometime it make me feel so alone...

    I will always be in-between of everything. My emotion always been split between two different zone. The black zone and the white zone. I am not a good person, but I am also not a bad person, then who am I? *confuse*

    I know these two people recently, not too close but close enuff for them to influence my life. This gal or guy(a pengkid actually) know me because I am a friend of her/his fren. She-man has been messaging me asking for this guy fren. which I myself refuse to keep in touch because this guy have feeling for me and I juz cannot accept it. Asking me to help her/him to find this guy. Well, at first I juz say that I don't even see the guy, then she-he frankly told me that this guy owe her-him money, and she-he is totally on tite budget and need the money. I finally meet this guy and I told him that somebody was looking for him and that she-he doesn't tell me why. And this guy lie to me by saying that the she-he keep bugging him, asking him to go and fetch her/him to here and there. He asked me to lie and said that he was in Kedah. For me, I dont want to have anything to do with it, yess.. thats me, it is after all, not my problem, but then.. I felt pity for the pengkid... this guy is trying to avoid her-him to pay her/his money. Now I know sometimes people who seem really nice, is not good after all. He doesn't have the courage to tell this person that he indeed cannot afford to pay the money back yet and choose to runaway. I myself, hate this kind of person!

    Sometimes admitting how messed up you are will make you feel good and sometime, it a weird way, maybe proud, that you are messier that anybody else, like you have the hardest life of all of the people. But sometimes it make you wish that it is not true, that all of this is a nightmare and when you wake up everything will be back to normal.

    "Could I have my childish innocent life back?" My soul always beg me, do the rite thing, my pride always lure me, don't u ever give a damn as long as it doesn't concern you, my lust always drag me to the black zone where my rational will built a big wall to keep me from leaping over the edge. I always in need of something. Why do I need to be dependent so much at other people when I claim that I could carry all the responsibility. I am , at least what I think I am, capable of guiding other people so they could take me as their example... but in reality, it is me that always in need of guidance.

    "Sue, you have such a wonderful life. You are so lucky. You are smart, pretty and have everything" Who told me that? yeah.. the person always has been jealous of the life he thought I have. On the surface, the perfect sue always happy, so kind, funny, sporting, open-minded.. bla..bla...
    Does anybody want to know the real me!! Could anybody accept the real me!!

    I am suffocated by the past. Why waste your time by letting the past haunt you down. Look at the bright future! Do I have one, I wonder...

    I know I am rational, I am not a mentally disturb person, and I am love and been loved by so many loving and caring people, but if they know my true colour, will they love me the same way as they love me now. Will any of them will understand and forgive me...

    Its been a weird day indeed for me. I must learn not to believe anything I read.. on second thought, heck with all that... I AM OKAY!

    www.tips-fb.com Shrek and my Weekend

    Monday, June 04, 2007
    I have a very pack weeken last week. On Friday, I have to pick up my youngest brother who has come to spent his weeken with me and also my dear fren.. Kak Liza. After work on that very Friday, I straight away headed to Kelana Jaya to fetch my bro, however the traffic jam is unbearable, my darling said, it was because the Subang Jaya is flooded.

    After picking up my bro, I've headed to the Curve where my darling wait for me. After go back to KJ to pick Kak Liza, we went for dinner. My darling also cut his hair. I always like his hair to be short. He look so cute with it and it goes well with his round chubby face. So cute that I feel that I want to kiss him all over.. :P

    The next day, I asked my bro juz stay home and promise to take him to the movie the next day. While I go dating with my boyfren. At first we want to go to Sg Wang to do my hair at my favourite salon, but funny thing is, the monorail ticketing system is down and we cannot go there by monorail. (we take public transport because according to my darling, he misses taking it..haahaks.. I am not glad but its okay consider that it will be very jam in KL)We then headed to MidValley instead, he bought a Tissot watch for himself and I buy a pair of sandal(coz my feet is killing me), this is the first time i buy a pair of shoe which is for comfort and not design. And it is very comfortable.My feet says" aaahhhhh!!!! Leganya!";

    From Mid Valley, take commuter to Bank Negara, then Star LRT to Hang Tuah then monorail to Imbi. It was raining very heavily then. We walk to Sg Wang and straight away to the salon coz it was already late. Poor Darling has to wait me for three hours. Sorry dear, next time i do the same for u ;)

    Because it's already late when we went back, my baby straight away when home while my bro, Ayu and I went out for dinner. After that, went back and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

    Next morning wake up early, put medicine to my cats, feed them, take bathe and when to 1U for Shrek movie at 11am. There's already a lot of people outside of the cinema, lucky I already buy my tickets online. I dun have my usual seat, but I still get the middle seat, two row in front of the row I usually seat. Still it can be consider a good seat. I will never watch anything if i cant get a good seat. :D

    Shrek was hillarious, but I always prefer the first two. My brother do enjoy the movie. and that's juz good enuff. After that, we drive back to Melaka, after go back to fetch my cats first. My mom already in Malacca and cook me my favourite dish, laksa, sambal petai with sotong kering. Yummy. I eat until I want to vomit.. hehe

    I juz came back from malacca this morning, went out at 6am and reaches here at 7.30++. I almost got into accident. I was driving so fast but suddenly the car stopped because there has been an accident previously and like usually, altho it been cleared out, the road still jam. I hit the break but still the car too fast so I swerve to the left, lucky there's no car on the left but I almost hit the car in front of me and I swerve back to the right lane. Man, It is so freaky. I haven't notice the sudden stop maybe because I am a bit sleepy at that time. Not enuff sleep last nite and I am tired.

    So there's my weeken. Next week, maybe going back to Penang..but dunno yet.