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  • www.tips-fb.com So Wat With That???

    Thursday, November 30, 2006
    Recently there's a lot of controversial blog on the NET and the government start to look concern. The freedom of voices actually cannot really be implement in Malaysia. I do admit, I read a lot of nonsense blog, where it claim to provide fact but in reality it just fiction which they've created to increase the flow to their blog. Not to mention using sexually explicit picture and humiliating girls by the name of Islam. What I believe to have study during my schooling days, Islam never permit people to humiliate others in the name of telling people the truth. What is this with Malays Girl picture doing terrible things and you spread their picture to let people know, How do u make sure you are not spreading rumors? Do u really know what going on or juz based the fact on what people say?

    Malaysians are bound to be a bunch of self-judging people. They like to make their own verdict before hearing both side of the story. I don't really think that we can change that in the near future, and sometimes when i look around me, I dont know what to think. What to make out of all this.. and where do I really stand in between these trouble days.

    Yesterday, the paper highlighted the increase of toll.. last year we are burden by the increase of fuel. Not to mention a killing rate of parking lot. Where do Malaysia really heading?? does our country this poor that they cannot absorb this increment and burden it to us people. Where does the Tax we have paid go?? It seem like the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. Hope government will evaluate first the action and the consequences before carry on anything. Now I would think twice before voting my say on anything. We cannot be pro-government or even support the opposition who keep sucking in the benefit of people loosing faith to the government leadership..

    This peaceful time are trouble with a lot of minor problem which accumulated to suck all the hope and believe in making "Malaysia Boleh". Boleh BUAT APE!!!

    www.tips-fb.com Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006
    When I was a young boy my father
    took me into the city
    to see a marching band
    He said 'Son when you grow up,
    would you be, the saviour of the broken,
    the beaten and the damned?'
    He said 'Will you, defeat them,
    your demons, and all the non-believers,
    the plans that they have made?
    Because one day I'll leave you
    a phantom to lead you in the summer
    to join the Black Parade.'


    Sometimes I get the feeling
    She's watching over me
    And other times I feel like I should go
    when through it all; the rise and fall,
    the bodies in the streets
    And when you come we watch you want to know

    We'll carry on
    We'll carry on
    and though you're singing, god believe me
    Your memory will carry on
    You'll carry on
    And in my heart I can't contain it
    The end of world is waiting

    Your romances you reel in from decimated dreams
    Your misery and hate will kill us all!
    So paint it black and take it back
    And let's shout aloud at prayer!
    Defy unto the end we hear the call!

    So carry on
    We'll carry on
    and though your singing, god believe me
    Your memory will carry on
    And carry on
    And though you're broken and defeated
    Your weary widow marches

    On and on we carry through the fears
    Disappointed faces of your peers
    Take a look at me
    Cause I could not care at all

    Do or die
    You'll never make me
    Because I won't
    You'll never take my heart
    And though they try
    They'll never break me
    They want it all
    They wanna break this heart

    I won't explain
    Or say I'm sorry
    I'm not ashamed
    I'm gonna show my scar
    Give the chair
    Now while I'm broken
    Listen here!
    And listen to me!

    I'm just a man,
    I'm not a hero
    Just a boy
    Now let him sing this song
    I'm just a man
    I'm not a hero
    I don't care

    We'll carry on
    We'll carry on
    And though you're singing, god believe me
    Your memory will carry on
    You'll carry on
    And though you're broken and defeated
    Your weary widow marches on!

    Do or die
    You'll never make me
    Because I won't
    You'll never take my heart
    And though they try
    They'll never break me
    They want it all
    They wanna break this heart

    Do or die
    You'll never make me
    Because I won't
    You'll never take my heart
    And though they try
    They'll never break me
    They want it all
    They wanna break this heart

    www.tips-fb.com Too Tired...

    Monday, November 20, 2006
    too tired to think..
    too tired to move..
    too tired to work..
    to tired to stay awake..
    too tired to sleep..
    too tired to speak..
    too tired to eat..
    too tired to do anything..

    I am just too tired...

    www.tips-fb.com On Weekend..

    Monday, November 13, 2006
    Saturday and Sunday, the two days that I really love.. compare to the undesirable weekdays with loadz of unfinished and past due task which until now, I am still failing to complete, I feel so stupid and already run out of idea. Why dun I ask for some assistant, well, I think I mite after this, I already give up..

    On last saturday however, I have a very nice weeken, beside my bf who keep on nagging coz I went back home quite late at nite. I went to USJ, Subang Jaya to fetch my former housemate, K Yan and we went for breakfast, sure got loadz to chat bout, we haven't met each other for quite some time. After having breakfast at a restaurant around the USJ area, we went straight to Sunway Piramid. Dun really hav idea on wat to do coz time is still early, so we decide to watch movie at 12pm.. "Flushed Away".. yea..yea.. its a cartoon.. suitable for me who juz wanted to relax and keep my mind of heavy things. After the movie, we meet my fren from my Matriculation. The funny things is, I cannot remember his name or even recalled his face. Lucky for me, he is not upset by this, well, it is what he appear to me, if he really if upset, I am sorry that I could not remember him. Nowdays I tend to forget loadz of things.. We went to McD and lepak there while trying to recall the time in college which most part of it, I have no idea what he is talking about. Sorry ya Nadzim.. :D

    After that, me and K Yan do a bit of shopping, I manage to buy myself, 3 pair of shirts and a pair of long pant. Then, we went to K Shikin house in Kota Kemuning and lepak there for an hour before we all decided to go port klang for dinner. We went to pick up June Chee on our way there because only June know the way there, which however, we get a lil lost but manage to arrive there at last. After eating and being quite entertain by "telatah si Lisa", K Shikin daughter, we decide to go home, or should I said, I decide we go home because it is late already and I myself have to drive back alone and park quite far from my house, which I later have to walk.

    After sending K Syikin, K Yan and June to their house, I straight away drive back while feeling exhausted. I arrive about 12am and my bf hav scolded me for beeing late, but its not always I went out hanging wif frens.

    On Sunday, I went beraya @ Sarah house at Sentul with Ayu. The food is very nice.. but we leave early after eating coz I bring Butan with me.

    Today, I am so tired.. having muscle pain and brain-dead. D*** the ....!

    I wish everyday is weeken. ERM, this song is nice and quite popular, Lips OF an Angel by HINDER.. ok..got to continue work.. chow!

    www.tips-fb.com Aku dan keretaku..

    Thursday, November 09, 2006
    Tak abess cakap pasal kete erk..biase lah..tengah excited dapat first car..heehehehekss.. biarlah orang nak kata aku poyo pun sbb MEMANG POYO PUN!! hahahahahhaakss...
    Semalam aku gie amek kete aku tuh kat serdang.. sanggup amek half-day tu walau keje kat opis berlambak.. xsabar tunggu weeken beb..tangan nie dah gatal sgt. Aku ajak kakak aku teman.. yelah, manalah nak konfiden.. xpenah bawak kete pun sebelum nie. So pergilah aku ke serdang ngan akak aku nie naik bus. Sampai je, sales girl yg deal ngn aku xder plak..aku kol dier soh aku dtg amek ari lain.. hangin gak..pas aku kasik macam2 alasan kata xleh dtg ari lain, dierpun kasik member dier uruskan hal aku. Turun dr bus plak hujan turun..alamak.. abess lar nanti kete baru ku kena ujan.. nak wat camner musim ujan kan. Pas dah check per semua.. kire dah set nak blah lar nie, akak tanya aku..
    "sapa nak bawak nie, hang ka aku?"

    adui, terkedu aku.. serdang tu dahlar keta banyak.. dengan sengih2 aku soh kak aku lar bawak. pas tu gie isi minyak. Tup2 kak aku kasik idea..
    "Hang xmau test drive ka? Kita p melaka, esok pagi kita mai sini balik"

    Pikirnyer pk, nak jugak aku..so aku pun sehelai sepinggang ngan kakak aku terus menuju ke Melaka. Sampai Seremban, aku mintak kat kakak aku nak bawak. Yelar, asek tengok dier bawak, makin konfiden lak aku, laeipun aku xsabar nak drive.
    So dari Seremban trus aku bawak sampai kat rumah di Melaka. Boleh tahan gak, dah ler bawak dlm hujan. Senang jer nak bw kete nie..heheheekss..

    Pagi tadi kol 5.30pagi kami bertolak balik sini, kak aku yg drive sbb nak cepat. Dier bantai sampai 130kmsj kete aku. Uish, nasib baik enjin xjem. Aku pun b odoh, xtao menda pasal kete, biar jer.. aleh2 cite kat abg ipar aku..dier marah lar.. dier kata kete baru mana boleh drive over 100kmsj, selagi xservis bagi 1000km..pastu baru leh speed.. huhuhu..

    Kakak aku drive sampai Cheras, umah dier lar.. pastu kena lar bawa sorang2 balik Damansara, boleh ke nie..dah ler jem.. berdebar2 jantung aku nie..
    Tapi once pegang stereng aku ok jer. Awal2 jer gabra. Sampai kat kwsn umah aku..nasib baik ader parking tapi side parking beb. Terhegeh2 aku parking kete, tapi alhamdulillah berjaya gak.
    pas balik letak barang dan amek helmet, aku str8 g keje naik motor.. heheheekss... aku tetap gie keje naik motor.. budget lar, lagipun opis n umah aku dekat sgt..

    So itulah cerita aku dan keretaku.. agak gila stereng skrg nie..tapi aku rase tu normal lah kan.. ;P

    p/s: for all motorists out there, if u see me on da road, (Plat WPP-newly registered), squeeze me some space lor... and jgn marah2 if i drive like an incompetence driver, baru belajar maa.. Nampak x "P", besar tao ader kat depan n belakang kete aku tu.. :D

    www.tips-fb.com Take fi5e

    Tuesday, November 07, 2006
    The time show 1.20 pm on a cloudy evening on Tuesday, 7th November 2006. Yeap, I have tonnes of work to do but I am taking a break. Feel lazy to go out lunch anyway. Michelle juz called, informing that my car is ready to be picked up. However, because of the weekdays, i couldn't possibbly go and fetch my car, no body could accompany me that is.. and I kinda feel scared to drive alone. Well, this is the first time that I could really consider myself to be driving.
    Last Saturday, I went back to Melaka to celebrate my mother birthday and also go beraya to neighbour house around my sis housing area. So that Saturday, It juz been eating and eating. On the evening, me and Sis go to buy cake for mother. Come to think of it, our famili have come a long way to be like this, before this, there isn't even a single significant day that we celebrate together except Hari Raya.
    My BF and I had a row about something silly. I dunno, I really love him tho, but he keep on insisting that I am pushing him and do not understand him. The thing is, I was very confused of his planning and it make me in doubt. Sometimes, I do feel guilty for hurting him.. I am trying as hard as I can to make our relationship work and I really want to be his wife. I cannot imagine if I ever lose him.
    Okay, it already past 5mins already. I am going to continue my work. Till later, chow!

    www.tips-fb.com A superhero personaliti test.. Juz for Fun

    Thursday, November 02, 2006
    Insteada of concentrating on my early morning at work.. I make my self answer silly quiz about the personality test. Dunno whether the description(result) suite me or not. U guys judge it. :D

    Your results:
    You are Green Lantern

    Green Lantern
    The Flash
    Wonder Woman
    Iron Man
    Hot-headed. You have strong
    will power and a good imagination.

    Click here to take the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz...

    So what do ya' think?