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    Wednesday, September 06, 2006
    Last nite, on my way up to my house on 8th floor, there, stood the most cuddly and cute little kitten in front of the lift. She looked lost and because she is so cute, I just picked her up and brought her home. Luckily I still have some cat food and the litter-sand+cage. She is so adorable and very active. She plays all the time and keep biting my ears, my nose, eyes and fingers and trying to get under the blanket. I played with her awhile but then when I was trying to sleep and she keeps on asking me to play, I put her in the cage. Luckily, she never meowed. What a good kitten she is. I felt the instant bonding as I hold her up for the first time. I do pray that nobody would ever looking for her or I have to give her back... that would be a very unhappy thing for me to do.

    Work now starting to get a lil bored, not because I hate my work, but doing the amendment on some other people coding really is not my fav coz u dun even hav the specs and of coz.. sometimes you hardly understand their code. Well, this is a life of a programmer and I have choose to be in one. Can't complaint, can I? But I do hope that one day, after I get marry, I would better off as a housewife who doing own business and quit being a programmer, maybe do some freelance work.

    Anyway, last weeken i went back to melaka and on Saturday we when to Port Dicksons. I just sit there eating and watching people only. However, on Sunday, when I was on my way back to KL, then I realize that I have left my HP. Now I really feel so "kesian".. lost of communication at all, yups.. except for YM and MSN. Lucky we are born in an era of technology.

    Not much left to say. so I stop balbbing here!