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    Wednesday, August 16, 2006
    Wonderful Definitions of Software Engineering at Office

    Taken from Akmal's website

    1) Project Manager is a Person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in One month.

    2) Developer is a Person who thinks it will take 18 months to deliver a Baby.

    3) Onsite Coordinator is one who thinks single woman can deliver nine babies in one month.

    4) Client is the one who doesn't know why he wants a baby.

    5) Marketing Manager is a person who thinks he can deliver a baby even if no man and woman are available.

    6) Resource Optimization Team thinks they don't need a man or woman; they'll produce a child with zero resources.

    7) Documentation Team thinks they don't care whether the child is delivered, they'll just document 9 months.

    8) Quality Auditor is the person who is never happy with the PROCESS to Produce a baby and lastly……………..

    9) Tester is a person who always tells his wife that this is not the Right baby

    10) Team Lead is a person actually knows how many men and women required to deliver the baby , but will not tell anyone

    www.tips-fb.com Doa mengelak kes rogol..

    1. Doa Mengelakkan Diri Dari Dirogol :

    Allahumma in kunta ta'lamu an ni a~mantu bika wa birasu~lika wa ah shantu farji illa a'la zauji fala~ tusallit alay yal ka~fira waz za~lima.
    Terjemahan : “Ya Allah, sekiranya Engkau mengetahui bahawa aku beriman denganMu dan RasulMu, dan aku memelihara kehormatanku hanya untuk suamiku, maka janganlah biarkan aku menjadi mangsa orang kafir dan orang zalim”.

    2. Doa Mengelakkan Anak Dari Dirogol :
    Ibu doakan kepada anak perempuannya:
    Allahumma in kunta ta'lamu annantani a~manat bika wabirasulika wa ah shanat farjaha~ illa ala jauziha~ fala tusallit alaihal kafira waz za~lima
    Terjemahan : “Ya Allah, sekiranya Engkau mengetahui bahawa anak perempuanku beriman denganMu dan RasulMu, dan dia memelihara kehormatannya hanya untuk suaminya, maka janganlah biarkan dia menjadi mangsa orang kafir dan orang zalim”.

    ~ = tanda panjangkan bacaan
    ' = huruf yang mati bertemu ain (contohnya ayat kunta ta'lamu dibaca taklamu tapi tak boleh ditulis tak di dalam tulisan rumi)

    www.tips-fb.com Juz a BoriNg DaY @WorK

    Today, i don't really have anything to do coz nex week i'll be on leave for a week coz i'm goin' back to Penang.. so honestly, i don't have anything to do.

    What would you do if the past come to u?? erm, do u embrace the memories or forget it totally and delete it to give space to new one.. Wat about lies, can we be forgiven if we are lying for a good cause of it.

    People once a good fren and turn to enemy, then later want to be fren again..is it posibble? Are we really sincere at heart to forgive someone or we juz say that we forgive that someone but still have this feeling of wanting to take revenge??

    How sincere are we in admitting that we are good people when at heart we know we are not that good? How could you define good and bad people? Is stealing make legal if we steals it from a bad people and donate it to poor and good people?? Are murderer is really a murderer if he/she kill someone who killed her/his love one??

    Why am I asking all this question.. heheheekss.. frankly, i don't have anything to do.. and all this question juz pop-out from my mind.. coz sometimes we intend to do thing with good intention but the result is vice versa.. erm.. it is rather confusing.. wat i can be certain is, there's no absolute yes and no answer on all of the question above.. it's always yes but... or no but...

    You cannot say an accountant is better than a factory worker, or a bank manager is better than a begger, or a prostitute is worst than a housewife, or a wife is better than a mistress.. all depends on situation and personalities of one person.. we cannot be a judge to any situation until we hear a full story from both party, and our judgement cannot be said as absolute verdict, it is just a point of view of one person and doesn't represent all. It is hard to be fair.. but there is no wrong in trying to be one.. Even cases fight within a court, sometimes doesn't depends on how innocent or guilty you are, but how good is your lawyer to make wrong thing seem right or innocent people be judged guilty..

    Wat the point of me writing all of this down.. no point at all.. it juz what is inside my head right now.

    Life goes on no matter how you decide to live your life with. The choice is actually really is in our hand. So whatever consequences come from our action, we cannot blame it on anyone but ourselves.

    There are totally bad people in this world who kill, rape and do indescribable bad thing to other people.. but if they really regret it, do they deserve forgiveness??
    To defend one country, we make war legal, but by making war a legal thing, we make killing also legal.. and because killing is legal, nevermind if the victim is old man, women or children, as long as we are in war...

    So many thing happen in this world take wake me up each morning, so gratefull to be alive.. yet so sad because i know, somewhere out there, there's people who do not live to see the day.. it just make me sad....

    Before i went on and on blabbing bout more things which everybody know but do nothing bout (maybe that include me).. i stop here!

    www.tips-fb.com Don't Lie

    Monday, August 14, 2006
    "Don't Lie"

    Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
    Hey, baby my nose is getting big
    I noticed it be growing when I been telling them fibs
    Now you say your trust's getting weaker
    Probably coz my lies just started getting deeper
    And the reason for my confession is that I learn my lesson
    And I really think you ought to know the truth
    Because I lied and I cheated and I lied a little more
    But after I did it I don't know what I did it for
    I admit that I have been a little immature
    Fucking with your heart like I was the predator
    In my book of lies I was the editor
    And the author
    I forged my signature
    And now I apologise for what I did to you
    Cos what you did to me I did to you

    No,no, no, no baby, no, no, no, no don't lie
    No, no, no, no, yeah, you know, know, know, know, you gotta try
    What you gonna do when it all comes out
    When I really see you & what you're all about

    No, no, no baby, no, no, no, no don't lie
    Yeah, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you gotta try

    She said I'm leaving
    Cos she can't take the pain
    It's hard to continue this love it ain't the same
    Can't forget the things that I've done inside her brain
    Too many lies committed too many games
    She feeling like a fool getting on the last train
    Trying to maintain but the feeling won't change
    I'm sorry for the things that I've done and what I became
    Caught up in living my life in the fast lane
    Blinded by lights, cameras, you know the fame
    I don't know the reason why I did these things

    [APL and FERGIE]
    And I lie and I lie and I lie and I lie
    And now our emotions are drained
    Cos I lie and I lie and a little lie lie
    And now your emotions are drained

    No, no, no, no baby, no, no, no, no don't lie (no, don't you lie)
    No, no, no, no, yeah, you know, know, know, know, you gotta try (got to try, got to try)
    What you gonna do when it all comes out (what you gonna do baby)
    When I really see you & what you're all about
    Nonono babe, no, no, no, no don't lie
    Because you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, gotta try

    Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
    Ba da ba da ba da ba da badabada

    Yo, I'm lying to my girl
    Even though I love her
    And she all in my world
    I give her all my attention and diamonds & pearls
    She's the one who makes me feel on top of the world
    Still I lie to my girl, I do it

    [APL and FERGIE]
    And I lie and I lie and I lie till there's no turning back
    I don't know why, (and I lie and I lie till I don't know who I am)

    www.tips-fb.com H***watta!!

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006
    Nie citer member aku, semalam keta dier kena pecah, abess orang curik laptop.. pecah cermin kete dier, pastu rembat laptop ngan beg dier.. tak guna punyer sampah masyarakat, beg dier yg ader segala menda paperwork dier pon nak sapu.. sian tol kawan.. itular, malaysia bukannya selamat pun. Pastu dier gie buat laporan. pas dapat laporan, baru polis kuar buat rondaan.. kes camnie slalu dianggap kes remeh jer..so diorg xheran, lainlah kes bunuh ker, kes pukul sampai nak mati ker.. baru kecoh..lebih2 lagi kalo media dok heboh menda tuh. isk..isk.. malaysiaku..
    tapi ekceli menda2 kecik camnie arr kalo biar jadik kes truks.. leh jadik kes rompak dan bunuh tao kalo sampah2 masyarakat nie dah jadikan keje jenayah nie sebagai hasil pendapatan tetap diorang.. cess... ingat selamat ke buat menda jenayah camtuh.. xder otaknyer manusia..menyusahkan orang.. eh..eh..ter emo plak aku nie.. heheheeks..

    paginie plak..tup2 sorang kawan ai nie kecik ati ngan aku dan takmo cakap ngan aku. masalahnyer aku xtao pasal aper. semalam waktu sebelum habis keje, elok jer ber YM ngan aku.. pening..pening..
    aku mmg xbyk kawan so aku mmg treasure semua kawan2 aku dan sebaik mungkin jaga hati diorg dan sanggup membantu ape pun kalo diorg ader masalah. Dah ler minah nie mmg aku sayang dan anggap close fren aku, tu yang buat hati aku sedih dan rabak nie.. tapi apakan daya..aku xcukop baik kot dan telah mengecik kan ati dier secara xsengaja.. tapi atleast bagitao lar aper.. aku betul2 minta maaf.. aku langsung xperasaan ape yg aku buat silap.. so tolonglar bagitao apa masalah sebenarnyer nie.. salah faham atao aku yg bersikap xsensitif.. Ya-Allah..pening kepala aku pk kan menda nie..nak buat keje pon xder mood..dah semlm keje aku bertangguh..berlambak menunggu deadline. Terasa stress melanda diriku.. tolong!!!

    www.tips-fb.com My Love U would "Never be replaced"

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Never Be Replaced

    Baby I love you and i'll never let you go
    But if I have to boy I think that you should know
    All the love we make can never be erase
    And i promise you that you will never be replaced
    Baby I love you and I'll never let you go
    But if I have to boy I think that you should know
    All the love we make can never be erase
    And i promise you that you will never be replaced

    I love you yes i do
    I'll be with you as long as you want me too
    Until the end of time
    From the day I met you
    I know we've be together
    And now I know I wanna be with you forever
    I wanna marry you and i wanna have your kids
    Thinking never compare to feel enough to kisses
    I can say i'm truly happy to the same
    You've made me think I'll die and live my life hesitate
    There's never been no doubt in my mind
    That i'll regret ever having you by my side
    But if the day come that i'll have to let you go
    I think that something I should probadly let you know
    With everything that i spent with you
    Then i will miss you cuz i'm happy that i have you at all

    [Repeat Chorus]

    I feel for you yes i do
    I'll be with you as long as you want me to
    Until the end of time

    www.tips-fb.com I'm Not Okay

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"

    Well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say.
    I never want to let you down or have you go, it's better off this way.
    For all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took,
    Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?

    I'm not okay
    I'm not okay
    I'm not okay
    You wear me out

    What will it take to show you that it's not the life it seems?
    (I'm not okay)
    I told you time and time again you sing the words but don't know what it means
    (I'm not okay)
    To be a joke and look, another line without a hook
    I held you close as we both shook for the last time take a good hard look!

    I'm not okay
    I'm not okay
    I'm not okay
    You wear me out

    Forget about the dirty looks
    The photographs your boyfriend took
    You said you read me like a book, but the pages all are torn and frayed

    I'm okay
    I'm okay!
    I'm okay, now
    (I'm okay, now)

    But you really need to listen to me
    Because I'm telling you the truth
    I mean this, I'm okay!
    (Trust Me)

    I'm not okay
    I'm not okay
    Well, I'm not okay
    I'm not o-fucking-kay
    I'm not okay
    I'm not okay

    www.tips-fb.com entahkan jadik entahkan tidak

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006
    Lama plak rasernyer aku xmepek kat dalam blog nie. Almaklumlar.. terasa bz sokmo.. lagipun skang ai sangat2 terasa hidup ai nie bahagia. No worries.. no stress...
    waiting for something on this december.. but i donno whether its really going to happen or it would juz be an empty dream...