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  • www.tips-fb.com A New Year to Come**CORRECTION**

    Thursday, December 29, 2005
    Only a few days to Year 2006..

    www.tips-fb.com A New Year to Come

    Only a few days to Year 2206..

    I wish
    there will be less war..
    more people would care toward each other..
    everyone love every creature whether plants, animals or humans.
    hope that despite the differences in each unique being, we could find one similarity that make us equal so we would understand each other fill this world with unconditional love..

    LETS LOVE!!!

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    Tuesday, December 27, 2005
    kalo ikotkan duit gaji sekarang.. memang susah nak idop, kena lar tunggu lamer lagik baru lar leh beli kete.. so aku pon mengaktifkan kembali diri dalam autosurf..

    dolu mmg xbaper yakin tapi sbb bf aku sendiri dah untung besar.. aku pon memberanikan diri.. laborkan duit aku kat situ. alhamdulillah, dah menampakkan hasilnya. Rasernyer.. bulan 2 nie tercapailar hajat aku nak beli kete. tgk bf aku tuh mmglar bess.. dah dapat berbelas ribu.. aku xderlar sampai camtuh.. sbb xder duit, maen takat ratus2 jer. Tapi maen benda nie yang pastinyer kiter kena aware, jgn terkena yg scam.. check dolu ngan member2.
    sesaper nak try bolehlar use link nie


    kalo takut xyah lar start byk2.. atleast usd6= rm24, biler dah raser yakin..baru taruh byk2..

    ape2 pon.. always be aware!! Every investment yang pastinyer mesti ader risknyer.. samader berani atao tidak utk tanggung risiko tu.. terpulanglar..
    Wednesday, December 21, 2005
    Each suffering bring meaning to life, making it impposible to be wounded more than twice! Posted by Picasa

    www.tips-fb.com Hatred and Deception

    Hahahaaks.. Juz a "gimik".. nothing exciting happen today. Well, for the first time, i dunno what to write. Tis few days, a lot of thing happen involving my feeling. well, some sort of making my brain numb..
    Heck, juz try to live my life and be content with it. Going back to Kedah this Friday, bus @1130 pm. Not sure whether i wantd to be alone or have somebody accompany me. I think, i'll be alrite alone. Wat cus possibly happen in a crowded place like puduraya. If something does happen, it juz out of my power to control it.. so..

    www.tips-fb.com Juz Gr8!!

    Monday, December 19, 2005
    Thing happen at the least time we expected it to happen. And when it does, we surely not ready for it. We do stupid things we tend do regret miserably later, but then, later, we keep on repeating the same thing.

    I always dream of an easy going life. Excel in school, have job, get married, have children and be content. Still at this stage, i achieved none of it. I have make stupid decision and live to regret it. But i know.. i can be considered..not to bad lar. Its funny that some of us cant even make any decision.. at least, i could voice up what i am thinking. Even it is not easy for me to express my self.

    there are frens coming to me with their problem.. while i always complaining about everything in my life.. they make me realize that im not alone. Everybody hav their own problem.. that wat make us human. It is how we approach the problem that differentiate us between happy and misery, lucky and curse!

    I am going back to my hometown this christmas.. not that i am celebrating it.. hahahaks.. juz enjoying my cuti-day.. suppose on new year eve also i'll be in kg.. but i decide to stay here in KL .. with my dearest one. This 01/01/06 will be 1st anniversary of our relationship. Cant believe we actually can make it this far.. well, we argue a lotz.. and sometime quite judgemental towards each other. But deep inside our heart, we know we need each other and we love each other so much.. that is why we are still together, even we have millions of differences. It is like comparing something white and black...

    i only hope that one day he will finally admit my existance to his family. if not, maybe we weren't meant to be together after all.

    thats all for now. I hope tomorrow and day after tomorrow, i could finally find happiness inside of me and cherish it. I hope i can be a better person.