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    Saturday, October 29, 2005
    orang mmg x adil..
    naper biler the bad guy je owezs dituding towards me !!!!!
    I know my father is sick.. I wanna go home then my mom .. my sis kata xpayah.. then sekarang marah aku sebab ayah sakit tapi ari isnin malam baru nak balik..
    naper x balik awal..
    naper ari isnin x cuti..
    sekarang rayer..tiket dahlar susah nak dapat.. opis nie pon bukan bapak aku punyer nak cuti ikot suke hati.. tup2 soal aku keje sini diperungkitkan... suruh aku keje penang jer..
    sbb ayah asek sakit2.. aku bukan xnak.. ingat senang ker dapat keje.. aku punyerlar xsuka keje kat RK nie.. kalo boleh skrg aku benti, then xde keje.. saper nak kasik duit kat mak..

    penah diorg tengok dari perspeksi aku.. asek salahkan aku jer..
    ingat aku hati batu ker aper..
    ingat aku xsusah ati ayah sakit.. dah xlarat nangis dah.. dah penat.. abess aper aku nak buat..mmg awal lagi beli tiket hari isnin..

    kalo boleh skrg nak balik tgk ayah.. aku pon sangat sayangkan ayah..
    ADIL kER!!!!!

    www.tips-fb.com About TRUST

    Friday, October 21, 2005
    We never know how far can we trust one person.. wat if you love him so much but he lied to you..

    ever wonder why he seem like neglecting you?
    ever wonder why he always busy?
    ever wonder, really, why it always you who seem so in love with him?

    ask again..

    am i trusting the rite person?
    am i making the rite decision?
    wat if im wrong, can it be undone, can i turn back?
    will i ever be the same again?

    knowing that he is lying really make me wonder how many lies did he told me before and i have believe in every single words he said without having any doubt..

    maybe, i deserve it for being such a bitch in the past years.... maybe tis is juz a punishment for me...

    My heart is sooo BROKEN!!

    www.tips-fb.com lalalala...

    Friday, October 14, 2005
    Pehh, lama bangat enggak nulisin blog ini daa... tapi enggak usah repot-repot.. kapan mau tulis kalo kerjanya asek bz aja..
    udah2.. i am not an indonesian yet or ever, dun worry, still a fine beauty from Malaysia.. Tup-tup oledi hav been a week in fasting.. kekkeeeee.. by tis 31 Oct, i'll on my way to "balik kg..lolololo.. balik kg..lol"
    hav quite a number of breaking fast invitation, makan2, camner badan tak maintain comel.. hahahahaks..
    keje sekarang, toksah citer ler.. obviously a lot an b.o.r.i.n.g!! I wanna quit tis job but shall i make the major move quiting without having a job offer.. huhuhuuks..
    if i am to follow my heart, i'm quiting tis lousy job and going str8 to lepakking in kg until an appropriate job been offered to me.. dear..dear.. but i cant, responsibility!! if i quit, no money maa.. how to giv parent.. lol.. so susah hati one..
    If i am rich or hav the brain of donald trump or warren Buffey of tony fernandes or bill gates, man, tis will not be a problem..
    wat kinda job suitable for me.. donno??!!??
    If even me myself donno, so wat is there to be done..
    find a rich hubby and juz stay home jager anak..
    hahahahahaks..well now, where to find the rich hubby, kekkeee if face like maya karin, or erra fazira or any ads model, can lar..
    erm.. but altho all dat silly craps been making my lovely mine their permanent home, i still happy with my life.. kekkee..for now lar..
    future? how wud i know.. consult a fortune teller lar..
    orait, dah lamer xmelalut di blog nie..
    ntah merapu meraban aper ntah aku nie..

    so.. i STOP HERE!