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  • Saturday, July 30, 2005
    Will you be mine forever??

    eloo!! Gud morning every one..kekekeke.. when i wake up tis morning,feeling fresh and happy,then i remember, today is friday..no wonder it feels gud.. aiyark!
    kekekekekke..seriously saying, wat better day cud be compare to a "friday".. i think d day is shorter.. and unusually great!! something came across my mind last nite.. erm.. d question of love.. hahahahha.. topik lapuk erk.. but till today consist of nothing but mistery and not to mention misery..
    I like to think love as an illusion to make human kind forget their senses or be less alert. Still we need love to survive.. people juz never appreciate wat they hav, NEVER!! being selfish is so HUMAN..so wat..?? we tend to get tired with life.. sometimes, do wish if we cud go to another planet, where everyone appreciate u and the one you love wud lov u back no matter wat.. I have people obsess with me and only making me .. daa.. arent u bored pursuing somebody who never intend on loving ur back.. making all the pathetic story.. but then again.. look at me... even i cant understand my heart.. sometimes i feels so lonely .. like having no friend.. but then again.. i dont want friend.. i hate people who so-called friend but only there for u to share ur joy.. they never care for ur feeling.. even to tell them ur sad story..they ran away.. haiks!!
    I juz dont understand what i want, i dunno if im happy or not, if im in love or not.. if i care or not.. i am so confius.. is this so called split personalities.. will i overcome wat im feeling rite now??.. will i have true friend..??..Question .. question and more question... I want a normal life yet i dont want to be normal.. i dont want routine, i want something which is larger than lfe.. kekekeke.. can dream only!! wish i cud turn back time ..theres so much to be undone..
    Friday, July 29, 2005
    Tis is my 1st entry, b4 juz using da friendster blog, juz try2 tis one plak.. kekekekeke..
    Saturday is my convo.. lalalalala..but wat to do, i am so sad, well no body coming for my convo.. so unfortunate of me.. but still i've bought a luvly top for d-day!! hope to maintain cute!! kekekeke... I would like to congrate me and all of my frens.. at last, I have a degree in my hand!! yey!!! Gonna try and find gud job after tis.. i tell u one secret..psst..!!.. I am bored to death working here...uwek!! need some air..wanna get outta here.. Pray for the best for me..

    aiyark.. hope ayu can make up me cun-cun for d DAY..kekekeke