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  • www.tips-fb.com A New Year to Come**CORRECTION**

    Thursday, December 29, 2005
    Only a few days to Year 2006..

    www.tips-fb.com A New Year to Come

    Only a few days to Year 2206..

    I wish
    there will be less war..
    more people would care toward each other..
    everyone love every creature whether plants, animals or humans.
    hope that despite the differences in each unique being, we could find one similarity that make us equal so we would understand each other fill this world with unconditional love..

    LETS LOVE!!!

    www.tips-fb.com Making Extra Money

    Tuesday, December 27, 2005
    kalo ikotkan duit gaji sekarang.. memang susah nak idop, kena lar tunggu lamer lagik baru lar leh beli kete.. so aku pon mengaktifkan kembali diri dalam autosurf..

    dolu mmg xbaper yakin tapi sbb bf aku sendiri dah untung besar.. aku pon memberanikan diri.. laborkan duit aku kat situ. alhamdulillah, dah menampakkan hasilnya. Rasernyer.. bulan 2 nie tercapailar hajat aku nak beli kete. tgk bf aku tuh mmglar bess.. dah dapat berbelas ribu.. aku xderlar sampai camtuh.. sbb xder duit, maen takat ratus2 jer. Tapi maen benda nie yang pastinyer kiter kena aware, jgn terkena yg scam.. check dolu ngan member2.
    sesaper nak try bolehlar use link nie


    kalo takut xyah lar start byk2.. atleast usd6= rm24, biler dah raser yakin..baru taruh byk2..

    ape2 pon.. always be aware!! Every investment yang pastinyer mesti ader risknyer.. samader berani atao tidak utk tanggung risiko tu.. terpulanglar..
    Wednesday, December 21, 2005
    Each suffering bring meaning to life, making it impposible to be wounded more than twice! Posted by Picasa

    www.tips-fb.com Hatred and Deception

    Hahahaaks.. Juz a "gimik".. nothing exciting happen today. Well, for the first time, i dunno what to write. Tis few days, a lot of thing happen involving my feeling. well, some sort of making my brain numb..
    Heck, juz try to live my life and be content with it. Going back to Kedah this Friday, bus @1130 pm. Not sure whether i wantd to be alone or have somebody accompany me. I think, i'll be alrite alone. Wat cus possibly happen in a crowded place like puduraya. If something does happen, it juz out of my power to control it.. so..

    www.tips-fb.com Juz Gr8!!

    Monday, December 19, 2005
    Thing happen at the least time we expected it to happen. And when it does, we surely not ready for it. We do stupid things we tend do regret miserably later, but then, later, we keep on repeating the same thing.

    I always dream of an easy going life. Excel in school, have job, get married, have children and be content. Still at this stage, i achieved none of it. I have make stupid decision and live to regret it. But i know.. i can be considered..not to bad lar. Its funny that some of us cant even make any decision.. at least, i could voice up what i am thinking. Even it is not easy for me to express my self.

    there are frens coming to me with their problem.. while i always complaining about everything in my life.. they make me realize that im not alone. Everybody hav their own problem.. that wat make us human. It is how we approach the problem that differentiate us between happy and misery, lucky and curse!

    I am going back to my hometown this christmas.. not that i am celebrating it.. hahahaks.. juz enjoying my cuti-day.. suppose on new year eve also i'll be in kg.. but i decide to stay here in KL .. with my dearest one. This 01/01/06 will be 1st anniversary of our relationship. Cant believe we actually can make it this far.. well, we argue a lotz.. and sometime quite judgemental towards each other. But deep inside our heart, we know we need each other and we love each other so much.. that is why we are still together, even we have millions of differences. It is like comparing something white and black...

    i only hope that one day he will finally admit my existance to his family. if not, maybe we weren't meant to be together after all.

    thats all for now. I hope tomorrow and day after tomorrow, i could finally find happiness inside of me and cherish it. I hope i can be a better person.

    www.tips-fb.com Dreams

    Tuesday, November 29, 2005
    I dream of your touch while you are away,
    I dream of your smile all through the day,
    I remember the day,You came into my life,
    I dream of the day I will be your wife.

    I dream of the day I can fall asleep next to you,
    I dream of the day I can say I do.
    To be your wife,To be together for life,
    Is a dream I have,Every night.

    www.tips-fb.com Love Or Illusion??

    I thought love was just a mirage of the mind,
    it's an illusion,
    it's fake,
    impossible to find.
    But the day I met you,
    I began to see,
    that love is real,
    and exists in me.

    www.tips-fb.com SunShine

    You are my sunshine ..
    my only sunshine..
    u make me happy..
    when skies are grey..
    u never know dear..
    how much i love you..
    please don't take my sunshine away..

    roses are red,
    violet are blue,
    it's imposible to be sad,
    when i have you....

    www.tips-fb.com Emptiness is killing ME!!!

    Thursday, November 24, 2005
    Its been a while since my last entry. My life sometimes felt empty. I have to endure a great deal of longing to see my father again, yaeh.. its imposibble. My father has pass away on 29 Oct but still sometimes i am in denial. Feel as if he is still here, back in kampung, healthy and fine.

    I also pity my mom, she must be lonely living in kg with only my youngest brother. I always wanted to keep myself happy, seeking love so i could skip the pain of losing somebody i care so much. sometimes i know i am too dependent on my boyfriend, i want him to always be beside me. But he always seem busy. When i alone, all this sad thought come and hunted my mind and making me feel so miserable.

    Recently i went to Cameron Highland for LTP training, meet some friends.. Atleast i can forget my trouble there. Not thinking so much. U know wat i means rite.

    I remember my dad, he is one great person, never admit he was sick.. try to be strong, always makes us feel love and care. I do feel lucky that i am there with him in his last moment, my mom said his last wish is to see me, one last time. I remember how calm he look, as if he is in deep sleep. There's no pain in his face. I am gratefull that his suffer finally over.

    I LOVE HIM ...

    www.tips-fb.com Not FAIR!!

    Saturday, October 29, 2005
    orang mmg x adil..
    naper biler the bad guy je owezs dituding towards me !!!!!
    I know my father is sick.. I wanna go home then my mom .. my sis kata xpayah.. then sekarang marah aku sebab ayah sakit tapi ari isnin malam baru nak balik..
    naper x balik awal..
    naper ari isnin x cuti..
    sekarang rayer..tiket dahlar susah nak dapat.. opis nie pon bukan bapak aku punyer nak cuti ikot suke hati.. tup2 soal aku keje sini diperungkitkan... suruh aku keje penang jer..
    sbb ayah asek sakit2.. aku bukan xnak.. ingat senang ker dapat keje.. aku punyerlar xsuka keje kat RK nie.. kalo boleh skrg aku benti, then xde keje.. saper nak kasik duit kat mak..

    penah diorg tengok dari perspeksi aku.. asek salahkan aku jer..
    ingat aku hati batu ker aper..
    ingat aku xsusah ati ayah sakit.. dah xlarat nangis dah.. dah penat.. abess aper aku nak buat..mmg awal lagi beli tiket hari isnin..

    kalo boleh skrg nak balik tgk ayah.. aku pon sangat sayangkan ayah..
    ADIL kER!!!!!

    www.tips-fb.com About TRUST

    Friday, October 21, 2005
    We never know how far can we trust one person.. wat if you love him so much but he lied to you..

    ever wonder why he seem like neglecting you?
    ever wonder why he always busy?
    ever wonder, really, why it always you who seem so in love with him?

    ask again..

    am i trusting the rite person?
    am i making the rite decision?
    wat if im wrong, can it be undone, can i turn back?
    will i ever be the same again?

    knowing that he is lying really make me wonder how many lies did he told me before and i have believe in every single words he said without having any doubt..

    maybe, i deserve it for being such a bitch in the past years.... maybe tis is juz a punishment for me...

    My heart is sooo BROKEN!!

    www.tips-fb.com lalalala...

    Friday, October 14, 2005
    Pehh, lama bangat enggak nulisin blog ini daa... tapi enggak usah repot-repot.. kapan mau tulis kalo kerjanya asek bz aja..
    udah2.. i am not an indonesian yet or ever, dun worry, still a fine beauty from Malaysia.. Tup-tup oledi hav been a week in fasting.. kekkeeeee.. by tis 31 Oct, i'll on my way to "balik kg..lolololo.. balik kg..lol"
    hav quite a number of breaking fast invitation, makan2, camner badan tak maintain comel.. hahahahaks..
    keje sekarang, toksah citer ler.. obviously a lot an b.o.r.i.n.g!! I wanna quit tis job but shall i make the major move quiting without having a job offer.. huhuhuuks..
    if i am to follow my heart, i'm quiting tis lousy job and going str8 to lepakking in kg until an appropriate job been offered to me.. dear..dear.. but i cant, responsibility!! if i quit, no money maa.. how to giv parent.. lol.. so susah hati one..
    If i am rich or hav the brain of donald trump or warren Buffey of tony fernandes or bill gates, man, tis will not be a problem..
    wat kinda job suitable for me.. donno??!!??
    If even me myself donno, so wat is there to be done..
    find a rich hubby and juz stay home jager anak..
    hahahahahaks..well now, where to find the rich hubby, kekkeee if face like maya karin, or erra fazira or any ads model, can lar..
    erm.. but altho all dat silly craps been making my lovely mine their permanent home, i still happy with my life.. kekkee..for now lar..
    future? how wud i know.. consult a fortune teller lar..
    orait, dah lamer xmelalut di blog nie..
    ntah merapu meraban aper ntah aku nie..

    so.. i STOP HERE!

    www.tips-fb.com TEnder ooo..tender..

    Wednesday, September 21, 2005
    Argh... akhirnyer habis juge tender.. nielar 1st time kena keje teruk camnie...hehehehheks..xpe2, pengalaman... bayangkan dah seminggu keje balik kol 7pm paling awal, then sabtu plak keje dari kol 10pg sampai 1030 malam, then ahad tu, datang keje kol 10 pagi terus keje sampai pukul 1.00 tgh hari ari isnin.. x tido tuh.. pehh..cam nak pengsan. Pas siap tender terus balik umah tdo..ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! penat siut.. kalo kena keje lagi mmg pengsan lar.. then selasa , arinielar..penat blom abess...kena keje ..kekekee..
    pendek kate mmg penat...

    www.tips-fb.com Stress!!

    Wednesday, September 07, 2005
    It's been a while since my last entry here, well my company server had been down for 2days and i have been so busy, so many work todo and i am more than tired.. i am exhausted..
    last time im going out with a fren and it juz hit me bang!! I juz being used.. again.. i try to be good to everyone and lastly ended up in quite a mess.. well, i guess life is cruel, at least i am not deeply involved, gud for me though.. kekekeee..
    i dun have much to say, i am still tired, and so stressfull, donno when all my work will finanlly kautim..
    later ...chows!!

    www.tips-fb.com Pleasantly ME

    Saturday, August 20, 2005

    well, today i guess is a very pleasant day for me. u sure will feel gud bout urself if u have frens. I luv all my frens. Friendster thingies do help me loads in finding all my ol' skool-mate, i at least didn't feel as lonely as before..maybe dats is wat a fren for.

    Tonite im going to hang out wit AC, one of my ex-mrsmbp skool-mate.cant wait to see a familiar face again after a while. I know, my previous posts picture me as a negative thinker kinda gal. Well, if u are feeling lonely and down and wit out fren, all this negative "aura" will be influencing u and mold u into a very pessimist monster. Hecks, i hope its all over now..the split personality or negative images.

    there are some of da ol'skool boyz and gurls who been contacting me, thank u to all of u for making me realize dats i still have fren after all. And some of them really, are not even close to me in da ol'days.. well guys, really nice to hear from u guys. Wat else to sez, i know my entry today seem a lil' bit boring but watta heck!, i am feeling so sentimental rite now. I have invite several frens which i really wanna see again on this merdeka day at KLCC, i dunno who will shows up, but i hope some are coming.. love to hav chit-chat with them..

    Going back home next friday, on aug 26, miz my parents and bros dearly.cant wait to see them..
    Tuesday, August 16, 2005


    Well, actually I am not a Full House or korean Drama-maniac or s/thing, but I do watch and of Coz enjoyed it, make me feels so mushi-mushi afterwards..heck.. love thingies owezs hav dat kind of effect 2people.. haha.. :))

    I owezs watch it on 8tV and still going-on, i missed a few episodes bcoz s/times i went out after work.. but yesterday, my opismate lend me her FullHouse VCD, aiyarks!! I am so thrill, y.. hehehe..actually cant wait to see how its end..the ending is very important, so i do the marathon thingies to finish all 16 cds.. cant believe there's is so many off-tv-scenes , and its surely funny LOL, cant wait to watch the ending.. look like late staying at nite if i want to finish it b4 tis friday..



    Saturday, August 13, 2005

    Yesterday, i've read an article about cats' psychology. There's a few point i already knew, learned from my past experince with cat. Anyway, wat really interested me is that cat also will seek attention if they're being neglected.

    My kitten, otomen, seem to be hyperactive and has always been bothering me while i asleep. According to the article, hyperactive kitten actually seek attention from their owner because they feel lonely. In my case, I always have to leave otomen lock in my bedroom while I am off for work. Sometimes, at nite also i have to lock her up when i was going out .. there's only a small portion of my time did i spent with her. Poor Otomen, no wonder she has been thrashing out my bedroom, she has no body to play with since i was out a lot.

    Now, I try my best to spent quality time with her, playing..especially in the evening, when i came back from office. Then she will feel tired at nite, and felt content, so she would not be bothering me while i am sleeping..

    I love her so much, I like to see her active and happy, hope i can spent more time with her.
    Friday, August 12, 2005

    still hazy day and more to come...

    today the situation only gone from bad to worse. There are few schools here are closed for the day. The API are gone from unhealthy to very hazardous. For Port klang, already reaches 529 while in Kuala Selangor is 531. Here in subang jaya..well aint that good either with the API ( air pollutant index) read 350. Yesterday in the evening, subang jaya also been hit by a minor hailstorm (hujan ais batu).. i tot dat it wud improved the weather when it rains.. well i tot wrong.. it is getting more and more worrying.. I started to feel sore throat and headache.. hope this haze thingies will be over soon..
    I am going to call my parents so they wud cancel their plan to come here.. it is not healty here. They are old and i tink that the effect to them wud be much greater..
    Thursday, August 11, 2005


    it has been a very hazy week.. today looks like it's getting worst.. arghhh!! i cant breath!! the paper sez dat this haze will continue to hunt our wheather till october.. oh my god.. this thingies will kill my brain cells dead.. oh no!!! i hope the indonesian government will find ways to prevent the open burning in their country.. do something my indonesian friend, u are killing ur neighbours.. !!
    my mom called this morning, at 8.00am, she will be coming here next week on 19th/08.. maybe wit my bro, grandma and nieces and nephews.. so i am planning to bring them for picnicking, but in this kind of wheather, i dunno if they probably coming here or not at all..
    when will this "bad air" crisis end??!!?

    Tuesday, August 09, 2005
    biler difikir sakitnyer ati, ingin sajer kufikir agar dicabut nyawa dari jasad ini, biarku mati saja.. andai benar mati menjemputku, kurasa tiada tangisan bakal mengiringi ku.. apa gunanya mencintai orng yang hanya menganggap kita sebagai bebanan. Tiada pujukan dalam rajukan, tiada perhatian dalam kepinggiran.
    aku bercakap bagaikan orang putus asa.. gila mungkin.. tiada rasional..mungkin betul aku sudah menjadi gila..gila didalam cengkaman stress yang dicipta sendiri..
    bolehkah aku bawa diri.. aku ingin tinggalkan semuanya.. andai aku boleh berlari pergi..dari semua, kerja, dia dan keluarga.. aku tahu, apa guna aku meracau, menangis, menyakiti diri sendiri.. udah pastinya tiada mungkin ada yang peduli atau simpati.. apa aku buat tak pernah cukop bagus.. asyik melakukan kesilapan.. bolehkah aku diselamatkan.. adakah aku akan merosakkan diriku.. yang memagar aku dari keruntuhan hanyalah kerasionalan fikiran.. memikirkan tuhan dan juga keluarga.. andai aku tidak dididik dengan ajaran agama, pastinya sudah kucabut nyawaku ini.. tapi sampai bilakah mampu ku bertahan..aku perlu seseorang yg mampu memahami aku, aku teramat memerlukan kasih sayang....... aku tahu famili menyayangiku..mana mungkin si ibu tidak sayangkan anaknya sendiri, tapi pernahkah mereka berpuas hati dengan apa yang aku ada untuk disumbangkan.. tidak..tidak..aku tidak cukop bagus.. aku tahu si dia mencintaiku, tapi adakah dia berpuas hati dengan aku..tidak,sesungguhnya tidak, bagi manusia seperti aku yang terlalu banyak celanya, mana wajar di love unconditionally... aku hanya disayangi bila aku mengalah, mengikut telunjuk jari, bila aku mula memberontak, semua mula mencaci dan membenci, ada saja yang x kena.. kenapa aku fikirkan mati, mungkin sebab itu kesudahan yang pasti, atleast mereka tidak membenci si mati, mereka sentiasa mengingati si mati, atleast setahun sekali pada masa hari raya aku akan diingati..... diingati sebagai seorang yang baik, orang yang disayangi... arghh!! sungguh stress sekali..!!!


    Suddenly i am tinking of a rose.. y,well its surely have been a very long time ago since i've been given a rose. I always remember my 1st rose. It was given to me when I was in Form 4 in MJSCBP. Wit a note..."friendship forever?"..well, after that, i've been holding on to the rose for an unknown reason. I kept the last petal for years, hoping for that friendship to return to me.. i was so afraid that if i lost the petal,the friendship wud be gone 4eva.. I've been waiting for that friend for so long then i've taken effort to search for him. Lucky for the new information age, finally, i've found him. People change a lot, and i know the frienship wud never be the same. Yes, I've found him, but i now have no importance in his life. He has his own circle of friends which is very hard for me to squeeze in. Maybe becoz of the feeling i used to have for him.. The memories we have sure is very few, but always be played vividly in my head. I can remember every details.. i wonder if he has forgotten it all...
    After that very rose which surely make me realized how much i appreciate him and how important he is in my life, i have received dozens of roses but could never be compared to that one rose-of-friendship. All have been gone now. No more roses for me. During my convocation, i didn't receive even a single rose. I am sad, i love flower, they are full of meaning, they can potrayed love, friendship and even sadness. They can show appreciation and gratituation. I wonder if i would ever receive the rose again. A rose and A friendship... come together in a wonderful and luxurious package..
    Saturday, August 06, 2005

    hahahahahaks..so cute...sweet..nice really the pics.. BUT NOT to my day.. it is so goddamn so unlucky ..
    I am totally mad.. at whom, no body indeed.. i am mad to my self.. y r tis thing owez happen to me...y...oh ...y!!! I asked labu to return the convo "JUbah" today but they dont wanna accept the Jubah, saying i got it stained wit something, maybe paint.. how the paint get there in the first place.. i have no idea..
    I am totally broke rite now .. don even hav the money to claim the convo pics which is rm 50, now i hav to pay another extra rm 50 for nothing.. damn..!!! an it s only a little stained.. argh!!!!
    i am totally so f****** piss off!! and i cant blame anybody.. dat the worsest case!!!
    Enuff sez.. hav to get my mind str8!! i have so many issues rite now and i tink im gonna be crazy..!!
    Thursday, August 04, 2005

    in searching for s/thing in life, i find my self forgetting things like how lucky i am to be bless wit a happy family and people who care about me. I have no rite to complaint .. Thanks to all who always been there to cheer me up and to Labu.. thanks for being patience wit me..

    hembuslah pawana,
    hembus pergilah sengsara ini...
    biar diganti,
    segala keluhan dengan kesyukuran...
    dalam menjejak impian,
    nyaris aku tersasar arah...
    dengan bekalan ilmu secubit,
    ingin daku menduga tuah,
    mencari ketenangan dan kejayaan,
    dicelah cebisan waktu,
    yang berlalu tanpa bertangguh....
    Tuesday, August 02, 2005
    my convo when like wooo.. a major sad story, i felt so sad dats i refused to take pics.. but after a while, who don wanna take pics on their convo..kekekeke.. on sunday i when to genting.. when actually i was planning to take my family thr but bcoz of their absent.. i went there with Labu.. I already booked an apartment, it surely will not be wasted..
    the apartment is surely big..wit a two-bedroom, kitchen, living room and gr8 view.. at 15 floor tho..kekekke..the next day, entered the snowworld.. cant believe da snow ud be so goddamn cold man.. i freeze in there.. my lip and neck felt numb... hahahaha..take a couple of pics in thr.. very nice..
    bcoz i only dapat cuti for one day, kena baleklar... erm.. it wud be so damn gr8 if today is also my cuti-day..
    Saturday, July 30, 2005
    Will you be mine forever??

    eloo!! Gud morning every one..kekekeke.. when i wake up tis morning,feeling fresh and happy,then i remember, today is friday..no wonder it feels gud.. aiyark!
    kekekekekke..seriously saying, wat better day cud be compare to a "friday".. i think d day is shorter.. and unusually great!! something came across my mind last nite.. erm.. d question of love.. hahahahha.. topik lapuk erk.. but till today consist of nothing but mistery and not to mention misery..
    I like to think love as an illusion to make human kind forget their senses or be less alert. Still we need love to survive.. people juz never appreciate wat they hav, NEVER!! being selfish is so HUMAN..so wat..?? we tend to get tired with life.. sometimes, do wish if we cud go to another planet, where everyone appreciate u and the one you love wud lov u back no matter wat.. I have people obsess with me and only making me .. daa.. arent u bored pursuing somebody who never intend on loving ur back.. making all the pathetic story.. but then again.. look at me... even i cant understand my heart.. sometimes i feels so lonely .. like having no friend.. but then again.. i dont want friend.. i hate people who so-called friend but only there for u to share ur joy.. they never care for ur feeling.. even to tell them ur sad story..they ran away.. haiks!!
    I juz dont understand what i want, i dunno if im happy or not, if im in love or not.. if i care or not.. i am so confius.. is this so called split personalities.. will i overcome wat im feeling rite now??.. will i have true friend..??..Question .. question and more question... I want a normal life yet i dont want to be normal.. i dont want routine, i want something which is larger than lfe.. kekekeke.. can dream only!! wish i cud turn back time ..theres so much to be undone..
    Friday, July 29, 2005
    Tis is my 1st entry, b4 juz using da friendster blog, juz try2 tis one plak.. kekekekeke..
    Saturday is my convo.. lalalalala..but wat to do, i am so sad, well no body coming for my convo.. so unfortunate of me.. but still i've bought a luvly top for d-day!! hope to maintain cute!! kekekeke... I would like to congrate me and all of my frens.. at last, I have a degree in my hand!! yey!!! Gonna try and find gud job after tis.. i tell u one secret..psst..!!.. I am bored to death working here...uwek!! need some air..wanna get outta here.. Pray for the best for me..

    aiyark.. hope ayu can make up me cun-cun for d DAY..kekekeke